Convenient Healthcare

How do you ensure you and your family have access to advanced primary care at all times? Quality healthcare is essential to every family and is the first priority to living healthy and better lives. Investing in the right medical insurance is one of the best ways to care for your future health. Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch is a general family care practice committed to providing efficient care to people of all ages. It provides all general medical services, including respiratory infection, in Austin.

Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch excels in serving people in and around Austin with comprehensive care through walk-in urgent care, office appointments, and telemedicine services for the comfort and convenience of all patients. The Urgent Care Southgate comprises highly experienced physicians that are caring and compassionate to their patients offering them the best care available. They use advanced and the latest medical techniques to offer proper diagnostics and treatments for various conditions. They include ear infections, respiratory infections, wounds, and sports injuries. They also offer vaccinations for various diseases, x-rays, lab tests, and preventive medicine to help their patients live healthy lives.

The locally-owned practice is committed to providing affordable quality healthcare to patients that don’t have access to primary healthcare or require urgent medical care without an appointment. They strive to meet their patient's needs by offering personalized care. Their team is friendly, providing exceptional customer service. Their state-of-the-art offices are comfortable, providing a conducive environment while receiving treatments. The community-based facility has a qualified and skilled team of physicians that assure patients of the best results exceeding their expectations. They accept major insurances and have care savings cards to enhance everyone's access to quality healthcare.

They offer services such as:

Sport injuries

Sports are good and a great way to exercise and keep fit, but there is also the risk of getting injured during the activity. Urgent Family Care at Avery Ranch offers effective treatments for sports injuries and also preventive measures to reduce your risk of having them. Visit them today for care beyond measure.

Ear infection

Ear infections are common among children. The team at Urgent Family Care at Avery Ranch is qualified and experienced in offering comprehensive diagnostic services and treatments for ear infections to restore your hearing and ultimately heal from the infection. Call to book an appointment.


Allergies affect a larger number of individuals in the world today. Manage your allergies by getting extensive allergy care only at Urgent Family Care at Avery Ranch. Call, or book an appointment for a consultation.

Urgent Family Care at Avery Ranch is a locally owned health practice committed to improving patients' lives by providing affordable medical care. They offer various services, including sports injuries, vaccinations, allergies, respiratory infections, ear infections, and wound care. In addition to their in-office appointments and walk-in care, they also offer telemedicine health services to patients unable to reach their offices; hence, they are convenient. They are compassionate and caring, paying extra attention to offering personalized care. They are welcoming new and existing customers. Visit them today in Austin, Texas, for quality and affordable medical care.