Sometimes taking medications to heal conditions might not make you feel well, and you could wish to get more approaches that help you feel better. David N Peterson APRN, ND, is a proponent of holistic medicine, which approaches healing as caring for a person as a whole. He insists on the importance of mindset, social skills, spirituality, and physical needs in caring for a patient. The approach to treating conditions uses different clinically approved therapies and pharmaceutical approaches to dealing with diseases, and you should also adopt the treatment approach.

Physical Health

Physical Health
You could think that health only revolves around physical appearance due to diseases' physical symptoms and signs, but this is not the case. However, the holistic approach to treatment considers other factors and physical health, and in most cases, your doctor could ask how you feel to help you feel better. The doctors could recommend activities that could help elevate physical health. For instance, it could help if you got eight hours of sleep as it could help you rest and repair the body and prepare you physically for the next day. You should also adopt a nutritious diet that helps repair the body and provide energy, and it could help if you stuck with organic plant-based diets and pastured animal products. One should also maintain balanced blood sugar levels and frequently exercise for optimal physical health.

Mental Health

The mind has a psychological effect, and it could lead to physical health problems, but it is an overlooked aspect of health. You could seek approved therapy that helps you improve your emotional and mental health. You could also practice mindfulness and practice habits that reduce stress and manage stress triggers. When seeing a therapist, you could keep a journal of thoughts and feelings that could help you adequately deal with your emotions.

Social Aspects of Health

People who have a positive social life tend to be happy, which is why people connected to family members and those who are religious lean towards happiness. It could help if a patient makes time for a one-on-one connection with other people. One could get involved with local community projects that bring people together and help improve social health.

Spiritual Health

Although spirituality is used interchangeably with religion as their practices overlap, medically, it could mean forming a connection with your inner soul and the outside world. Some activities that could help you grow spiritually include spending time in nature, healing your soul, and refreshing your mind. You could also spend some time during the day to meditate as it helps you connect with your soul. For religious people, they could take time to practice their faith to connect with their spiritual side and relate with others.

The Bottom Line

The use of medications should not be the only approach to treating conditions as one could approach health as treating the whole person. Doctors could consider mental health, social health, spirituality, and emotions when dealing with physical symptoms. Some of the activities that help promote holistic health include getting in touch with emotional well-being, taking part in physical activities that promote wellness, and applying clinically approved medications and therapies.