Eyelid surgery is a standard cosmetic procedure that helps enhance one's look as they age. However, it requires proper healing once the surgeon performs the surgery. There are different things one can do to ensure they heal appropriately without developing unnecessary complications. Eyelid surgery can go a long way in ensuring you restore and sustain a youthful appearance. Consider the recovery tips below if you decide to go through with the procedure.
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Plan and Prepare for Your Healing

Blepharoplasty may seem like a simple procedure since most people will get back to their everyday lifestyles after 10 to 14 days. However, the healing phase is crucial and should be as comfortable as possible. Plan before the procedure to ensure that your recovery is a speedy one. Getting maximum rest is part of the healing process and can work if you prepare in advance.

Buy your groceries, and fill up the pantry and fridge with essentials before D-day. You need to maintain minimum external interference and exposure until you heal completely. Once you focus on getting optimum rest, you increase your healing chances and avoid infections or complications. Everything you do before the procedure should focus on making your resting period as comfortable as possible.

Stick to the Self-care Routine Given

The surgeon will give you a strict self-care routine to follow. Speak to the team handling your procedure to understand the after-surgery self-care regimen fully. Ask numerous questions and seek clarifications on areas you need to. You need to get it right at this step. The last thing you want is to have avoidable complications because you ignored a crucial part of the self-care step.

After the surgery, some of the fundamental practices will include cold compresses to help manage the swelling or inflammation. You will also need to lubricate the eyes using an ointment and prevent them from drying out using eye drops. Watch out for oozing at the incision. When this happens, do not panic. Instead, use a sterile gauze to wipe it off. It is not surprising for this to happen to some people, which is part of the healing process. Observing such self-care post-surgery practices will hasten the healing process and ensure you get back to your routine with ease.

Focus on the Goal

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One thing you should expect is that you will not look pretty when recovering. The incision on your eyelids will be red, and the eyelids will look puffy. Some people may have a constant oozing, not to mention that the surgery's bruise will appear like a black eye. It will be uncomfortable, and even maybe a little unsightly. However, as time goes by, all this will go away, and your eyelids will look great, making you look a few years younger than you are.

Relax and avoid getting worked up or anxious about the recovery process. Once you schedule a time to recover, you will be back to doing your normal activities in two weeks, and your appearance will improve immensely shortly after that. Take pain killers if you need to but focus on what you want to achieve eventually when the process is done.

Get Protection Against Harsh Weather Elements

You cannot compromise on the need for sun protection. Wear dark glasses to protect your eyelids from the sun and wind. Throw in a hat to reinforce the protection. When it comes to applying sunscreen, make sure you stick to the post-surgery self-care tips.

It helps to avoid using harsh products that could interfere with the recovery process. The point is not to stress the eyelids or eyes. Avoid watching TV for long or checking emails regularly, as this can affect your recovery. Your eyes should be free from such stress, at least for the first week after the surgery.

Rest More

Increase the hours of sleep you are used to during your recovery time. Besides that, make sure you get ample rest during the nights. Doing this will aid and quicken your recovery process, making it possible for you to get well and resume your routine. Note that the healing process will take up most of your energy, hence the need to shelve off anything that can be taxing during the recovery period.

Do not feel pressured to do what you can wait to do later. Take naps when you are exhausted, and focus on healing first. This is not the time to prove yourself by pushing too hard to accomplish. Keep off all strenuous activities that you will spend.

Your Recovery Should be Relaxed

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Your recovery time should be free from stress. Plan to have the procedure when you are sure that no stressful issues will come up during your recovery. Only focus on vibes that inspire peace and tranquility. Consider investing in things that boost your relaxation without involving too much use of the eyes. Get several audiobooks, or fill your playlist and listen when relaxed. The point is to focus on things that will leave your body and mind relaxing.

Part of the body relaxation process involves quitting some things, especially during the two-week recovery time. One of the most important things to stop doing is to quit smoking. Smoking tends to slow down your healing and interfere with how quickly you recover from the ordeal. It is best to avoid smoking at least six weeks after the surgery since this is the only time you can be sure you recovered reasonably, if not fully-recovered.

Keep Your Skin Clean

It is obvious to see why a clean face is necessary when recovering. Any dirt left on the face can be irritating, making you disturb the face and interfere with the wounds on your eyelids. Make sure to cleanse and clean the face using mild products. Take care of the affected areas, ensuring that it is least disturbed as you wash your face. What's more, a dirty face can trigger clogging of pores and inhibit healing.

Final Thoughts

Every time you go through eyelid surgery, make sure to prepare for the healing phase in advance. Your recovery's quality and pace will depend majorly on how well you take care of yourself during the healing period. Follow the recommended self-care procedures, and take lots of rest to make sure you heal well.