Web Designing is a field that requires you to be creative and hardworking. If you can master these qualities, you can make it big, both professionally and financially. However, starting in any business is tricky and confusing in today’s time. There is enormous competition, a lot of misinformation, and a great deal of learning before putting your foot down in web designing. So let’s start with the learning part on how to monetize your passion. Here are some tips for you to start earning in the early phases as a web designer.

Start A Blog

Start A Blog

Blogging is the best side-income option for any professional today. Sharing your techniques or knowledge with people around the world is the best hobby that can help you earn a good amount of money. Additionally, trends show that people are consuming more content on digital platforms today than on traditional mediums like magazines. For example, you can write an article on intuitive website design and publish it on your website. It is a cheap and easy advertising technique that could land you potential clients. Moreover, you can also earn a fair amount of ad revenue once your blog starts attracting web traffic.

Create Stock Graphics

Stock illustrations like photographs or templates are in great demand. Today, people use stock graphics as an alternative to hire a professional designer or create a design of their own. After creating a stock graphic, you can sell them multiple times for royalty or managed rights. Either way, it will prove to be an additional source of income for you.

Team Up With A Developer

Numerous web developers have no designing experience and are looking for a hand in visual design. It only makes financial sense to associate with them and sell your services to a broader audience. While initial success is not guaranteed, the experience will help you build your presence in the market. It will also give you an idea about clients’ expectations. This will help you in delivering better results by weeding out the inceptive flaws in the future.

Be The One-Stop-Shop For Your Clients

Web designing is a growing field, and that means more competition. Every web designer is offering the same service as you, and in some cases, it could be better or cheaper than you. To counter the competition, you need to find a USP for your brand. For example, you can offer other website services to your clients like web hosting, handling blogs, and doing SEO in a packaged deal. This way, your brand will be a one-stop-shop for your clients, and you will be able to attract more customers. Needless to say, a packaged deal will bring you more money.

Be Present On All The Top Freelancing Websites

Freelancing Websites

Freelancing means rendering service to an individual on a contractual basis. Most freelancers and companies find it a great alternative compared to the traditional employment terms. There is no need for paperwork from the hirer’s end, and the freelancer can work on numerous projects simultaneously. Web designing is one of the top services on online portals like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. As a freelance web designer, you can work at your convenience and earn a good amount of money at the same time.

Design And Sell Web Designing Courses

The last option to make quick money through web designing is to create and sell some of the most intuitive courses. Since web designing is not a part of mainstream educational programs, students mostly depend upon online courses. After creating your online course, you could sell it on your website to your visitors. If you want to address a broader audience, you can also sell it to an online marketplace like Udemy and Skillshare. These websites have a worldwide user base that could offer a potentially high revenue.


Web designing offers a great career to its aspirants. Like many other professions, it doesn’t require you to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It’s only a matter of putting hard work, vision, and creativity in the sync of technical skills to achieve new heights of success. The article states only the tip of the true potential of web designing. You can discover more opportunities after an initial struggle.