Shoes are an indispensable part of our everyday outfits. Moreover, we use different kinds of shoes, depending on the situation we are in. Simply, think about the school uniform. You can't wear any shoes but the school shoes, right?

Just like that, military demography needs some particular type of shoes. Interestingly, those shoes are now a part of mainstream fashion too!

Anyway, people involved with armed-forces also change shoes in the service. That depends on what task they are performing. The point is there are a different variety of military shoes.

We will specifically be talking about combat tactical boots. By the by, want to check to some? They have got the top 20 tactical combat boots in the place.

However, let's give you the details of how to use combat tactical boots along with how to take good care of them.

What socks do one wear the boots with?

Clearly, it comes under the using process of a pair of combat tactical boots. Usually, people in the defense wear boots with different kinds of socks.

Hold up! It doesn't mean just any kind of socks. Why? All materials don't get along with the shoes. So, it's a little tricky here.

Socks made from these materials can be used with military tactical shoes- nylon socks, nylon and lycra blend, polyester olefin, and acrylic.

Combat tactical shoes come with cushion soles. Sock made from either of the materials pointed out above will suit perfectly with the soles.

What to do with damp boots?

Note that heat from the stove, heating vents, and hairdryer are the legitimate enemy of the materials of the boot. It is strongly suggested that you don't use excessive heat to dry the shoes. You could simply leave them to dry up.

What if you need to use it and it hasn’t dried entirely? You wear it anyway! You have no other option. Besides, moving with the boots to help them to dry faster.

How strong are these shoes?

Since the purpose of the shoes is not just a casual walk. Some mission or duty involves patrolling. And, some entails running and jumping too.

The pathways could be some of the challenging ventures too. Sometimes you might also have to submerge the shoes into water or pass over nasty and wet grounds.

Considering all those points stated above, the boots are made from premium materials. As it seems, they don't use natural leather. Surprisingly, they instead go for the synthetic one!

Why? Synthetic is sturdier in formation. That means they possess remarkable resistance. They are strikingly durable, also can offer you the optimum protection.

How are they different from combat boots?

If you haven’t noticed, we have tactical combat boots here. We will be talking about the care after this. You need to know about the differences between to understand the caring process. The combat shoes and tactical combat shoes from various perspectives. Have a look at them below.


We have already talked about the materials the boots are made of. If you have gone through the entire discussion related to formation, then you know about the construction as well. Well, there is more to it. So, you need to carry on reading.


The construction is robust, that’s true. If we compare with the combat boots, tactical combat boots have inferior materials and construction. Consequently, they are less durable than the combat boot. That takes us to the uses of the shoes.


Combat shoes have a stronger formation, as they are used in intense duties. War could be an ideal example to draw here.

In comparison to that, tactical shoes are made or instructed to be worn in a violent fighting task. Mainly, they are worn in missions that are not as challenging as a warlike situation.

How to take care of the boots?

When they are dirty, you need to brush the dirt from the first. Never soak the boots with the dirt and mud on. It will be harder to clean the boots if you don’t brush them. The brush won't work all the time; you need to collect some scraps of cloths as well.

You can make use of some lukewarm water to finish the cleaning process faster. Hotter water might damage the materials. But, it is also said, combat shoes have incredible resistance. To stay on the safer side, you can make use of slightly warm water.

Polishing is not essential. If you do want to polish, you have to do it twice. The first time you apply polish, you have to brush the boot. You put the polish once again to lose the shine. If you are a soldier, you are supposed to wear shiny boots.

On A Final Note

We hope you have built a complete understanding of the boots. If you are not in defense but own a pair of tactical combat shoes, the information on care and construction is worthy of being aware of.