With the growing expenses and inflation, sustaining through financial emergencies while ensuring savings at the same time has become a complicated affair. It is the reason why personal loans have witnessed a surge in popularity. While there are various lenders available in the market to borrow money from, Fullerton India has become one of the most reliable option applicants.

India Personal Loan Popularity

It is essential that while choosing your lenders, you look at all the points that make them credible. Let us see why Fullerton India personal loan has created a name for itself in India's loan sector and how one can avail it for many reasons. 

Five Reasons Behind Fullerton India Personal Loan Popularity

Taking a Personal loan is an important financial decision, so you must choose a lender wisely to make sure the loan does not drain all your income in the form of EMIs.

1. Available for all: The Fullerton India personal loan online application process is open for all individuals. Whether you are a self-employed person or salaried professional, everyone can avail of the Fullerton India personal loan.

The eligibility criteria for Fullerton India is simple:
  • a) Applicant should be a resident citizen of India.
  • b) Applicants must be aged between 21 and 60.
  • c) Applicant can either be an employee of a private limited company or public sector undertaking or be self-employed.
  • d) For salaried professionals residing in Mumbai or Delhi, the minimum income must be Rs 25,000 per month.
  • e) For salaried professionals residing in other parts of the country, the minimum income must be Rs 20,000 per month.
  • f) For self-employed applicants, the minimum yearly profit is determined based on profession/industry.

2. Lower and attractive rates: Fullerton India offers flexible and market-based interest rates. The minimum interest rate offered is 11.99%Each applicant's final interest rate will depend on several factors, including your age, net monthly income, existing financial obligations, etc.

3. Complete online process: The application process for Fullerton India personal loan is entirely digital, and anyone who wishes to apply can fill in the form online. The process includes a quick application, hassle-free documentation and fast disbursal of the loan amount.

The personal loan documents that one must submit during the application process are:

  • a) PAN and / or Identity proof
  • b) Valid Address proof
  • c) Bank statement for the past six months
  • d) Income tax returns or Form 16
  • e) Previous three months' salary slips (for salaried individuals) or Income source proof/ financial statements (for self-employed individuals)
4. Ease of funding: Whether you are looking for funds for your wedding, a vacation, medical emergency, or education, Fullerton India offers loans for all purposes. If you are looking to start a business, your entrepreneurial journey will be simplified with instant Fullerton India personal loan online.

5. Flexible repayment options: Like the simplified application and approval system, the repayment is also customised according to each individual's need. You can avail of multiple payment options to repay your personal loan. The various options available are Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), Standing Instruction (SI) and net banking, to name a few. The multiple repayment options help skip the long queues. At Fullerton India, paying online can also help you unlock offers such as top-up loans, and more.

With the growing market size and the customisation that various lenders are offering, personal loans will continue to grow in the coming years. They may soon become the most significant financial debt product catering to different customer segments. All the points mentioned above make Fullerton India unique and point to an exciting future for an instant personal loan.
Personal Loans are Popular