Dental Checkup
Visiting a dentist for the first time could be overwhelming for some people, while for some, it is just another visit to a healthcare practitioner. If you are one of those people with a phobia of dentists, then this article is for you. Here will talk about things you should expect on your first visit to a dentist.

There's nothing scary about visiting a dentist's office. Once you follow the laid down rules and processes, you can be sure that the visit will go smoothly. The following are things you should look forward to on your first dental checkup:

Warm Treatment

In excellent dentistry like My Dental Home, Dr. Kelvin Brown & Associates you should only expect to be treated with enthusiasm. Experienced dentists know how bad you feel about your discolored or badly shaped teeth, so they will do everything possible to make you feel welcomed.

They are always eager to answer any question you need to know about their establishment and guide you on the right dental procedures to undergo.

Broad Examination

To provide a thorough oral prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment plan, dentists have to do a broad examination. It includes oral cancer screening, periodontal examination, occlusal examination, and caries examination. During oral cancer screening, the dentist carries out a test on you to know if there's a chance of you developing oral cancer, especially if you make constant use of tobacco products. Periodontal treatment on the other hand helps to determine if an individual is suffering from gum disease. Occlusal examinations are carried out to know if your force bite is affecting the positioning of the jaw or teeth. Caries examination helps to locate areas that are decaying. This could be the chewing surfaces or in between the teeth.

Oral Health Tips

Every dentist knows the significance of maintaining perfect oral health. So whether it's your first or tenth visit to their hospital, they won't hesitate to give you tips that will help to enhance your oral health.

Advice and oral health tips given by dentists shouldn't be taken lightly. Ignoring them can lead to oral health implications of different types.


Everyone who intends to visit a dentist should get ready for questioning. Still, there's no need for such a person to panic because the questioning is for your good.

Aside from the fact that dentists carry out tests on individuals to know their state of oral health, they also ask them simple questions about it. The answers to these questions determine what area they should focus on for diagnosis, or treatment.

Thorough Cleaning

On the way to your dentist's office, you should also prepare for oral cleaning.

During this process, the dentist will use their special instruments to scrap your gum line to remove plaques that may have built up over time and tartar that can lead to gum disease, cavity, or bad breath. They will also make sure to polish or floss your teeth. While cleaning your teeth, oral health experts follow safety precautions and hygienic procedures to ensure you do not contact germs.


When you visit a dentist's office, you can be asked to get an X-ray, depending on your age, or medical history. Being asked to get an x-ray isn't something that should make you get worried. Getting asked to do an x-ray doesn't necessarily mean you have a major health issue. It's done to make sure every part of your mouth is in a good condition. Some oral abnormalities are hard to discover through a simple test. So, getting an x-ray is the only way to be sure your oral health is intact.


After checking to make sure the result of every test carried out on you is okay, your dentist should have no reason to keep you waiting in their office.

If on the other hand an issue was detected, the dentist will ensure that their patients are properly cared for, regardless of their age, social or economic status. Once they detect any issue with your oral health, treatment will follow. This could involve getting dental implants, teeth whitening, taking antibiotics, and so on.

Having read all these, you shouldn't get yourself worked up about visiting a dentist anymore. All you need to do is stay calm, do everything necessary on your part, and leave the rest for your dentist.