Dog Food Types
Look around any pet food store, a grocery store, or even if you buy dog food online, you will agree that deciding which is the best food for your dog is quite a task. Eyeing at the shelves full of dog products with diverse health benefits and price ranges, one gets confused.

So which is the best food for your canine? Finding this takes a lot of research work and time. But the truth is, the best food for your pet is the one that meets their nutritional needs, which varies according to the dog’s breed, age, weight also one that suits your budget. It is always better to get spill proof dog bowl and consult a veterinary doctor to get the best nutrition plan and advice for your pup.

There are different types of dog foods available in the market all of which have their positives and negatives. Before digging deep into this, when we talk about dog food types, it refers to dry, wet, raw, semi-moist, and frozen dog foods. All of these types can again be divided into organic, natural, fresh, and ones loaded with additives and preservatives. Let us have a detailed look at different dog foods.
  • Dry Dog Food: This is the first choice of most dog breeders and owners, as it is the most complete dog food type. Dry foods have many benefits as compared to other types of dog food. Dry dog food comes in different shapes and sizes and is very easy to store. The major benefits of dry food are, it helps to keep dog's teeth healthy, improves skin and coat condition, ensures proper development of bones, and when dog food price is the question they are budget-friendly too.
  • Wet Dog Food: Wet or canned dog food may not be so popular among dog owners because it is a little expensive as compared to dried dog food. It is usually used in combination with dry food. Wet dog food is high in protein content and moisture which is very good for hydration. The only downside of wet foods is they have a short shelf life after opening and most dogs tend to gain a lot of weight if fed only with wet food.
  • Raw Dog Food: Not a very preferred food choice amongst dog owners and breeders as raw foods are expensive and they carry a risk for bacteria that can be harmful to the pets. Also, it is difficult to find raw dog food in the local market, you may require ordering raw dog food online.
Feeding your canine is a process that keeps changing as they grow older. Different stages of their lives require different food types. When they are puppies they should be fed with puppy food that is softer, smaller in size, and formulated for proper muscle and bone development. As they grow older, you need to shift to adult dog food to ensure they live a healthier and longer life.