Succulent Studio
Winter is coming. Nature is going to be all bare and rough. People love to decorate their homes with indoor and colorful plants to get some vibrant and lively feeling at this time of the year. So, if you are searching for natural home decor options, succulents can be on your list for sure. Succulent’s plants are a good option for individual potting to keep near the stairs, bedroom, or kitchen garden. You can make showpieces and colorful DIY projects to give them a new dimension. More than a hundred species of succulents with various colors and shapes fit your space and type. You can find them in the nearest nursery or succulent market. Nowadays, there are several online shops to buy succulents online. That pot, grow and deliver them to your doorstep. They are very convenient and trustworthy. During this winter, you may also find succulents for sale. Now that you know where and how to get the succulents to let's get to know some ideas for using the succulents to make your home better. 

Succulent Studio

The succulent studio is a relatively newer idea in home decor studies. Architects and designers are trying more and more to merge nature with the buildings. Integration of indoor plants, in-house aquarium, kitchen gardens, and succulent studios is the best example of modern home decoration. You can keep a different pot for every type of succulents to grow and place them on every corner and over a room's furniture. It will give an aesthetic view of the room and make it look more elegant. Besides, you can keep it as a personal collection. Plant enthusiasts love to collect parts of exotic succulent cutting for shows or albums. You can sell the cuttings for a pretty good price. Otherwise, gifting somebody a little pot of colorful succulent as a token of love will surely help you win their hearts. Making a succulent valentine this year can give a newer meaning to your passion.

Live walls are the latest home decor trend. It looks very trendy, but pretty easy to make. You can make a DIY live wall with things at home. Get unused pots or old oil containers to use as planters. First, wash them off and then color them with acrylic or poster color and smoothen the sides not to face any cut injury. Then you may add paper crafting, seashells, stones, pearls, or stickers to make the containers catchy. Attach a hook or bend the attached wires to hang them from the wall. Then pot the succulents with a little soil and stones. The succulents grow very well with rocks and chalk dust. You are all good to hang them on the wall, click some cool photos, and post them on Instagram with the home goal's hashtag. If you don't want to put hooks in the wall or apply a nail, then there are other options for you too. Get big cardboard. You can use old notice boards or leftover plywood boards from the furniture. Then just put two nails in the wall or get some sticky hanger. Then hang the board and color them as you want. Now you can hook the postings in the panel to give a newer and more refined look. Your walls will not complain too.


People are using succulents as ornaments and home decor items for hundreds of years. With time and urbanization, once their popularity reduced a bit. Now, when the world is getting back to nature, nothing can be better than a succulent plant pot in your bedroom, near your head.