Accident Statistics
Some boat accidents have sidelined boaters for life. Furthermore, over the years, boating accidents have claimed many lives.

The Law and Boating Accidents

Both state and federal laws may apply to boat accidents as well. When a boat accident occurs in water, maritime law, not state law, will apply. Under federal law, a boat owner or operator must immediately file a wrongful death report with the state within 24 hours of the accident, or by the owner's agent if there was no direct personal injury. 

Minor Injuries

Boat accidents can also result in minor injuries such as bruises, scrapes, and minor wounds. But some boaters who are more severely injured also have a greater risk of developing a life-threatening condition called hypothermia.

Alcohol and Boat Accidents

Alcohol use is a leading cause of boat accidents. It's not just because officers think boaters are reckless. Some studies have shown that boaters who are under the influence of alcohol have a much greater chance of having an accident. Boating has been known to be a high-risk profession for years.

There are two primary reasons why boats are frequently hit by other motor vehicles or when larger boats collide with large barges or ships: the size of the boats, and the location of the waterways on which they operate. Many states have compiled databases of boat accidents along their waterways, and these websites feature a list of major injuries from boat accidents along with their causes, if known. If you know of a person who was seriously injured in a boat accident, or if there is reliable information about someone who has died in a boat collision, you should take advantage of the websites to gather the information and contact a lawyer who specializes in this area of personal injury or maritime litigation.

Legal Representation is Essential

It is important that you retain the services of a good lawyer when you sustain injuries in boat accidents, regardless of whose fault the accident was. In most cases, it is essential to retain the services of a qualified and experienced maritime lawyer to represent your case, because maritime lawyers who specialize in boat accident claims are particularly adept at responding to the intricacies involved in filing a successful maritime lawsuit. Boat accidents often involve damage to the claimant's property, physical injuries, death, or suffering, all of which are extremely serious considerations for any individual or family who has been injured in a boat accident. However, some states have very unique statutes of limitations that can make it difficult for claimants to file a claim within a certain period of time. In addition, maritime lawyers are experienced in filing claims on behalf of clients who have been harmed with flammable liquids or other dangerous situations.

Boating Accident Statistics

In 2019, the Coast Guard counted 4,168 accidents that involved 613 deaths, 2,559 injuries, and approximately $55 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents. The fatality rate was 5.2 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational vessels.

It’s important to know that you have legal recourse after a boat accident. Contact an attorney as quickly as possible.