Sending a Christmas card through the postal system creates the equivalent of 140g of CO2 to the environment. With Christmas being a time of giving, Hope Spring Water charity is encouraging people to instead send a video or a regular christmas ecard this winter, and donate the money they would have spent on postage to the charity. The money raised will go towards helping to provide remote communities in Africa with access to safe clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Hope Spring, a water poverty alleviation charity, has been running the Christmas eCard in lieu of Christmas card fundraiser for just over three years. They have since seen a year-on-year increase in donation from their supporters and members of the public. For a small donation, visitors to their platform can send an Charity video eCard or a regular eCard to their friends and loved ones. This annual fundraising event has helped the charity to provide clean water to thousands of people in West Africa.

The charity is based in Hereford in England, United Kingdom. Perhaps the success of this fundraiser is now unconnected with the fact that the UK has the most successful greeting card industry in the world. Every year, people in the UK send over two billion cards. The success of the greeting card industry meant a significant impact on the environment, as hundreds of thousands of trees fell, to create the paper used to make the greeting cards.

A conservative estimate of o the carbon footprint associated with over 2 billion cards works out abt approximately 140 million tonnes of carbon released into the atmosphere. The increased awareness of impact on the environment, and the fact that sending a Hope Spring charity ecard meant you are directly helping provide clean water to people in dire need in Africa made using their platform to send your christmas video ecard this coming holiday as one of the best ways to send seasonal cheers.

Apart from the convenience ecards offer over paper based cards, which you have to address, add a stamp to and go to a post box to send. Ecards are a fun and quick way to wish a Merry Christmas to your friends and family. Hope Spring’s range consists of animated videos and cards and are able to be sent immediately – saving you a trip to the post office. You can also add personal messages, that are much longer than what a traditional Christmas card allows, to an ecard.

Ecard platform in the UK and the world over are expecting a much busier Christmas this year than in previous years, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, all digital platforms have seen a significant rise in the number of orders on their website, Ecard platforms are not an exception. Most of the leding ecard and video ecard platforms in the UK and around the world have seen more than 100% increase in the number of transactions.

If you are planning to send Christmas greetings to your work colleagues, family or friends this Christmas. You should join the digital revolution and send a Christmas video ecard instead. If you send one from a charity such as Hope Spring, you are maximising the impact of your greeting as a good cause will benefit from your decision.