Cosmetic Surgeon

Before proceeding with any cosmetic surgery, it is wise to get detailed information about the procedure and the cosmetic surgeon you intend to work with. The answer to these questions will determine whether the surgeon is right for you or not.   

Here are some of the essential questions that patients need to ask their cosmetic surgeon: 


Cosmetic surgeons are doctors who specialized in cosmetic surgery. This implies that they have medical training. Besides going to medical school, they take specialized courses where they receive extensive training on carrying out surgeries. Usually, cosmetic surgeons spend more than ten years in tertiary institutions before they can practice. Even after that, they are required to get the proper medical licensing that allows them to practice. Before going ahead with any procedure, patients should confirm that the cosmetic surgeon has received the appropriate training and is qualified to attend to their needs. One of the things to look out for is the acronym FRCS, which is supposed to be in front of any senior surgeon’s name. 

If you have limited options, and you are thinking of working with an unqualified surgeon, do not take the risk. A simple google search of where to locate the very best cosmetic surgery should present you with several options, even if it is out of your area. 

Are You Insured?

Just like patients have health insurance, cosmetic surgeons, and clinics also have insurance. The patient’s insurance is to help cover the payment of the treatment while that of the doctors helps protect both the doctor and the patient should, in case of complications arise. For instance, if a patient is not satisfied with the outcome or there is an issue that will require an extra payment, an insured clinic or cosmetic surgeon can take responsibility for it. For this reason, it is always important to confirm whether or not the cosmetic surgeon is insured.

Have You Performed This Procedure Before? And How Many Times?

The more a cosmetic surgeon carries out a particular procedure, the better they get at it. Some common procedures are frequently carried out, while others are very delicate and require a certain level of expertise. Patients should always confirm if the cosmetic surgeon has previously carried out their choice of procedure. After confirming that, patients should also ask for the number of times as well as the pictures of the outcome. This helps patients realize their doctors are up to the task. 

Do You Think My Chosen Procedure Is What’s Best For Me? If Not, What Do You Recommend?

Sometimes, people may have already researched the procedures they are looking to get done, but it is not always enough. Although the information on the web may give an idea of what needs to be done, it is not sufficient to make a decision. Rather than going into the clinic with a set mind to have a procedure done, it is best to inform the surgeon of the result you hope to get. By doing that, the surgeon can accurately recommend a suitable procedure to get the desired result.

What Are The Complications Of The Procedure?

Once a patient has decided on the procedure to take, the patient should ask the surgeon for the pros and the cons. Patients should also ask their surgeons what possible medical complications may arise and what will be done to rectify them. This question helps to determine the doctor’s competence as well as alleviate the patient's fears. 

Can I See Pictures Of Previous Works? 

The pictures of the previous works that a plastic surgeon has done are testimonials to how good the surgeon is. Patients should ask for at least five before and after pictures of past work of the procedure they are looking to undergo. Once the patients are pleased with the result of the past works, they can proceed. This is because the pictures give the patients the idea of the outcome of their procedure should they choose to continue consulting with the cosmetic surgeon.

What Is The Fee? Do You Accept Insurance?

Regardless of whether or not patients are happy with the answers to the previous questions, the fee to be paid remains a huge factor. Patients should ask for the price of getting the procedure. Some surgeons may accept insurance, while others may not. Some cosmetic clinics may have set flexible payment plans that are convenient for the patient. Either way, the patients need to confirm in order to decide if they can afford it or not.

The answers to these questions give an insight into the cosmetic surgeon’s efficacy and extensive knowledge of the field. They will also help clear all possible doubts.