woocommerce CRM
WooCommerce Zoho is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software that enables businesses to make efficient sales. Once the WooCommerce Zoho CRM integration process is complete you can easily manage sales, marketing, customer support, and many other functions. When it comes to the online business every e-store requires:
  • The correct details about current stock
  • Record shipping information
  • Sent customer invoices
  • Manage the accounting software
E-commerce automated system is all about identifying the process that needs streamlining and then executing them. The operational categories where WooCommerce Zoho can help are:
Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing

Zoho has MarketingHub is all-in-one campaign management and marketing automated system. It enables you to create an email, SMS campaigns, track performance, and handle social platforms. It also lets you know the timing that the user generally prefers to check mails and delay the delivery time according to that. You can also check the detailed reports about campaign performance, revenue generated, and leads which makes sure that your budget is handled precisely. 

E-Commerce Store

Zoho CRM WooCommerce can create, build, and design the online store as per your requirements without any coding. It has Zoho Books and Inventory to manage your stocks and expenses of your business. It enables the owners to send reminders through Email if they have some pending orders. Integrate leading payment gateways to accept payments through different methods and make it more convenient for the users.

Social Media

Zoho social software helps in creating, scheduling, publishing, and responding to customers. It has a SmartQ feature that suggests which is the most suitable time to engage with your followers. You can also see the individual engagement of every post and where it is shared by people.


The Zoho Inventory helps in safe reorder based on past sales and recent trends. It also enables to automatically place the order from suppliers when stocks reach a defined level. This helps that you aren’t storing excess items but also have sufficient items that are in demand. It also displays powerful reports about the product's performance in each channel. 


CRM perks Zoho WooCommerce has books for the e-commerce business that are integrated with many major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and many more. The owners can create invoices, increase purchase orders from suppliers, generate bills, and many such functionalities. It also allows you to generate balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit or loss reports anytime.

Project Management

The Zoho Project helps in managing any project by breaking them into modules. It also lets you create public and private chat rooms for discussions and organize the tasks neatly.
CRM perks Zoho WooCommerce in the business
  • It is a user-friendly software application that can be customized and monitored easily. It also ensures that live management of sales, competitor size, contact history, and discount for potential customers.
  • It allows third-party extensions and plugins to the CRM which ensures minimum cost for coding.
  • It has automated functions that help in taking instant actions during the workflow. This saves a lot of time and improves the conversion rate by nurturing the process automatically.
  • Zoho CRM allows users to use different applications like emails, live channels, social media, and more. It supports effective communication by allowing real-time interaction with the customers.

WooCommerce Zoho does not bound the e-commerce business instead supports various options for payments that can be changed as per requirements.

How can WooCommerce Zoho CRM integration boost customer retention?

Identify Potential Customers

It gives you the freedom to integrate applications and database into the software to list down potential customers. This helps in utilizing the valuable time in keeping your customers happy and makes extra efforts for the business.

Creating Personalized Deals

Many e-commerce stores provide discounts to engage new customers but very few give value-added offers for their potential customers. Select a group of customers that you want to target, and it will display information about the customer right there. This will make you familiar with their preferences, price sensitivity, purchase patterns, their regular visit to your store, and last purchases made. 

Build Long-term relations with customers

Zoho WooCommerce captures detail from the landing pages and saves information about the customers in the dashboard. These customized reports might include contact details, product requirements, on-going sales, past orders, and more. You can allow Zoho workflow to send follow-up texts and emails about the deals on special occasions. 

Create a portal for feedbacks

This helps in getting valuable reports about your services and products easily. Collect feedback from the customers to improve and enhance the product functionalities which will help you in gaining customer’s trust. Reply to their reviews or feedbacks to show that you care for them and give the best customer support.

With this blog, we have shown you how important it is WooCommerce Zoho CRM integration, for any e-commerce business that is looking for growth in the digital world. Get invaluable insights related to the digital world sand build strong marketing strategies with us.