University clubs are quite an important part of school. These small, student run organizations symbolize collectivity and common interest of the student body.

It is quite easy to open a college club. You have to have a solid idea, and know that there are other students like you who will be interested in joining this club, and then get approval for it.

While it may be easy to open a college club, you can't say the same about running it.

There is a lot of time, effort and contribution that goes into running a club and it has to be done collectively.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind if you ever want to run a successful university club:

1.    Come up with some engaging and exciting ideas

Regardless of what your cub is about, it will not work if all you do is hold meetings.

The whole point of a university club is so that students can come together, and collaborate.

Think of ideas that are relevant to your club, which will involve people doing something together.

For example, if your club is a paper writing help club, you can offer a prompt to the members and ask them to form teams to write for it.

This way, the members will get to know each other and they will also be kept busy with the writing.

2.    Use the budget wisely

Your university will allocate a budget for your club, and you have to use that budget effectively and efficiently.

You cannot use it all on parties, because you will have to be accountable for it.

Think of ways where the budget can be utilized and you can also get some resources that can be used amongst the club members.

3.    Treat every member like they hold value to the club

Which they do! Without your members, your club will not stand anywhere.

You have to treat the members with the utmost importance, and you should make they also contribute to the growth of the club.

Word spreads pretty fast, and pretty soon you will have a small community on your hands if they like what you are doing.

Remember, people like feeling useful and they want their time to be worthwhile.

4.    Have concrete roles for members

Everyone in university is trying to build their resume, and they will jump at the opportunity of being the “social media manager” even if it just involves taking care of the club’s 50 follower instagram page.

This is not only a good way of getting work done, but your members will be putting in the effort and spreading the word around.

It is a solid way of building loyalty and trust.

5.    Be a good leader

The club members should know that you have a goal with this club, and you should definitely show this through action and words.

Be a leader who is not only fun to be around, but also a person who people can learn from.