Do you agree it would be great to know how to make online tests with one of the most popular quiz plugins?

Who would imagine before that one day we will be able to take online exams? Has it ever crossed your mind that we can now receive degrees at top global universities by sitting in front of our PCs?

Moreover, online tests do allow us to continue our education during these harsh times of COVID-19.

Today, we are inspired to write about online tests and help you know your way around making one.

Why to Choose Quiz Maker?

In our search of the best WordPress quiz plugin, we decided to introduce Quiz Maker to you. You may ask why.

First of all, it’s user-friendly and multifunctional simultaneously. Next, we found this plugin to be highly recommended by lots of its users. They consider it the best solution to making engaging and eye-catching quizzes.

Besides, this WordPress plugin allows you to make quizzes of various types, including trivia/knowledge quizzes, personality quizzes, assessment quizzes, diagnostic quizzes, true/false quizzes, and scored quizzes.

The Pros and Cons of Quiz Maker

Just like anything in life, this plugin also has its advantages and disadvantages. We have given a thumbnail sketch of both its good and bad sides.

Let’s consider the advantages first.

ü  Easy to use: In case you need to make a quick online test, this plugin is definitely a perfect solution. It’s because you can see detailed information on the usage and function of EVERY option in the plugin.

ü  Feature-rich: Customize your quiz however you wish. There are so many options that you will certainly find what you are looking for.

ü  Conversion rate: Quiz Maker provides you with one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website. The User Data tab enables you to get in touch with your quiz takers. By the way, you can send online certificates to them so that they can see and keep their results if needed.

A question example made with Quiz Maker

ü  Data storage: This is one of the most important and useful advantages of Quiz Maker. You don’t lose the content and the assigned settings inside a quiz even if you upgrade the plugin to the Pro version. Simply hit Upgrade before deactivating the free version, and that’s it!

ü  Keeping track of the results: Another great feature of this WordPress plugin is that you can be notified whenever your quiz is submitted. Enable the Send email to admin option and be up to speed with the quiz takers’ results!

Now let’s come to the disadvantages of Quiz Maker.

ü  Questions: It’s not possible to add questions directly to a particular quiz. Instead, you need to add questions by heading to the Questions page. Only after this can you insert them into your quiz.

On the other side of the coin, this is not a weak point, for it allows you to add the same questions to other quizzes as well.

ü  Strangeness: The thing is, it’s quite unusual for lots of people to take online exams. Naturally, they are used to pen and paper.

However, possessing digital skills is becoming increasingly necessary these days.

Now that you have already learned about one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress, it’s time to take actions and provide your visitors with a delightful experience.

We hope this guide helped you with your choice. In case you need further information on the Quiz Maker plugin, follow the link to the official website of the creators.