car wash
Car owners want to preserve their vehicle and wish to make the right decision for the safety and longevity of their investment. One of the excellent ways to secure your investment is by regular maintenance done by trusted car experts.

The goal is to find a reliable car wash and service provider that you keep going back to get similar exceptional service for your vehicle. The choices you make for the car and maintenance of your vehicle has a direct effect on its performance, look and value retention.

The experts at suit this description and offer you reliable services consistently in Edmonton. For drivers here, you can just stop into and get your car washed any time. But, why should you choose First Detailing Canada?

Factors to consider when choosing a car wash service:

Some of the factors which you should consider when looking for cash wash near you are:

Service selection

Offering a wide range of services is always a good sign for top notch car wash. Different vehicles and drivers have different needs and a good car wash service will cater to meet them all. Drivers should get the chance to pick from the most basic self-serve car wash alternative to complete and intensive cleaning of the car. Some of the services offered by a good car wash service are:
Complete car wash to remove dirt and grime from the exterior
  • Cleaning and spray for extra protection
  • Hand dry with hand wax
  • Window and tire cleaning
  • Internal cleaning with vacuuming and upholstery cleaning
  • Self-serve car washing

Cleaning products and equipment

For the betterment and safety of your car, you should look for a car wash company that uses high quality product and equipment to prevent any damage to your vehicle. You cannot get proper results without using the right equipment. Hence, you should choose professional car service rather than going for DIY car wash. These professionals have better knowledge and means to do the task effectively.


Another great indicator whether or not a car wash should be relied upon for regular service or not is their experience. If the company has good experience in rendering outstanding service to their customers, then you should go for it.

Speed and convenience

Speed and convenience come from experience. Cash wash services that have been around for years because of their amazing services will have a tried and proven system to offer speed and convenience.

Good value

Nothing of the above means anything, if you are not getting the right value for money spent. No one wants to feel ripped off, hence make sure your car wash service leaves you satisfied that your vehicle has been dealt with the right care and concern and you have got the best results for your money spent.

Once you get the above mentioned factors in a company, you have found the right car wash for you. Make sure you analyse their reviews and testimonials and then proceed.