swollen gums
Your oral health is dependent on your gums. Your gums have a pink tissue that covers your jawbone. The tissue is fibrous, thick, and full of blood vessels. In case the gums become swollen, they may bulge or protrude out. There are various reasons why there may be a development of swelling in the gum. Swelling of the gums starts when the gum meets the teeth. However, sometimes it begins to hide some parts of the teeth. A swollen gum appears red, thus indicating that it needs immediate attention. Swollen gums are also known by the name gingival swelling. They are sensitive and painful for individuals.

What causes swollen gums?

As mentioned earlier, swollen gums are a result of various causes, which include the following:
Gingivitis: The predominant cause of swollen gums is gingivitis. It is a disease of the gums that causes them to swell up and develop irritation. However, the symptoms of gingivitis are mild, thereby not getting adequate attention initially. On the other hand, if left untreated, it may eventually result in a severe dental condition. Poor oral hygiene often leads to gingivitis, which allows the building of plaque in the teeth and gum line. Now, what is plaque? It is a film of food particles and bacteria collected on the teeth. If the plaque remains on the teeth for a few days, it becomes tartar.
  • Infection: Infection resulting from viruses and fungi may cause swollen gums. In case you have herpes, it may lead to a condition that results in swollen gums. On the other hand, thrush is another factor resulting in this situation. Untreated dental decay may also lead to deteriorating dental conditions, so you should immediately seek a gum specialist.

The treatment options you must know for treating swollen gums

There are two treatment options for swollen gums: medical treatment and home treatment. You must take a look at the details of each option:
  • Home treatment: Home treatment involves drinking lots of water as water is the stimulant that produces saliva, weakening disease-causing bacteria. In addition to this, rinsing the mouth with salt water solution may help eliminate mouth bacteria. Try to abstain from irritants, including Alcohol, mouthwashes, and tobacco. Also, you may place a warm compress over the face to reduce pain.
  • Medical treatment: If you have swollen gums for over two weeks, contact a dentist. They will first ask you about the initial symptoms and how often you suffer from this condition. Moreover, they also recommend dental X-rays to properly evaluate the situation. Based on the cause, the emergency dental clinic may prescribe oral rinses, critical in reducing plaque and preventing gingivitis. In addition, using a specific toothpaste brand and abstaining from certain food items may also help. In extreme cases of gingivitis, the person may have to undergo surgery. Root treatment and scaling are widespread treatment options for improving the situation. It is a procedure by which the dentist removes dental plaque, deceased gums, and tartar, thereby allowing the remaining gums to heal.

What are the top reasons why you must choose a pediatric dentist?

Choosing the right pediatric dentist is essential for children with dental problems like swollen gums to ensure their dental health. However, the process is challenging and requires proper attention to some vital regions. Nonetheless, contact a pediatric dentist for your child's overall health. These medical professionals have special training and adequate education in treating children of all ages. Moreover, their chambers have colorful murals and decorative artwork to engage the child. The specialist stays equipped to handle different types of children so they go home smiling.

Baby teeth develop cavities fast in comparison to other age groups. Only an expert dentist in kids' cases may offer a reliable treatment option to rectify the condition. If you are worried about certain habits of your child, like bottle-feeding or thumb-sucking, keep in mind that the pediatric dentist in Stamford, CT, stays fully equipped to deal with the situation. They will show the child the instruments which they use and also explain to them how it functions. In this way, they make dental visits educational and entertaining.

It goes without saying that dental health is integrally related to a person's overall health. Whether it is a child or a grown-up individual, you must treat swollen gums as it may have detrimental effects in the future. It may lead to the weakening of teeth or loss of teeth eventually, thereby affecting your self-confidence. Hence, any casual approach to dental issues is unacceptable for parents and guardians. You must immediately consult a dentist if you see symptoms of dental problems.