Burial Insurance

For most of you, retirement planning leads to deciding how to make your money last until the end of your life. One crucial part of the plan you may neglect is figuring out how much money you will need to cover the expenses to wrap up your affairs after you are gone. Buying burial insurance can resolve this dilemma, but choosing the right provider is trickier.

You can talk to Gary Cubeta from Insurance about final expenses to avail of policies like AARP burial insurance that cover your final expenses without burdening your family.

Make sure you keep in mind the following points when choosing a burial insurance provider:


Not every burial insurance provider is licensed to operate in each state. As a general rule, you must buy from a provider licensed in your state because then, you can depend on your state insurance department to help if you experience any problem. You can determine which insurance providers are licensed in your state if you contact the state insurance department.

Products Offered

In general, term life and permanent life insurance are the two life insurance products you can get from an insurance provider. You will come across many insurers who will carry both kinds, whereas some only specialize in one product. Hence, before deciding on an insurance provider, exploring and comparing their products and choosing the burial insurance you want is good.

However, think twice before you work with a life insurance provider who claims to be a professional in every type of insurance. If you are considering life insurance, choosing insurance from a company specializing solely in the type of products you want is better. In this way, you can be sure that you are working with a seasoned professional who can help you modify your policy to protect you.

Financially Sound Providers

You want to purchase burial insurance to protect you financially and provide you peace of mind. Hence, you must pick a company that is probable to be financially sound for several years to come.


Insurance policies and prices of many insurance providers differ hugely from one to another. Make sure that you receive at least three price quotes from different providers. The state insurance department may publish a guide to help you with what insurers charge for diverse policies in different parts of your state.


Your insurance providers and their representatives should answer your questions and deal with your claims efficiently, justly, and quickly. You can find out if that is the case by talking to other customers who have worked with a particular insurance provider. You can also check the national claims database to determine what complaint information it has on a specific insurance provider. Similarly, an independent agent like Gary Cubeta can tell you everything about the insurance company you want to check and offer comparisons, too. To sum up, you can get a suitable AARP burial insurance provider once you consider all these points. But make sure that you feel comfortable with the insurance provider you choose.