eBook Formatting

Have you done your research on Google for ebook formatting services but failed to find the correct style? Well, you are not alone. When you search on the internet, there would be dozens of articles educating you on different aspects of book formatting.

This blog covers the entire spectrum of ebook formatting services and will also inform you about its numerous benefits. So, let's examine the styles you can adopt to impress your online readers.

The Best Formats For eBooks

Let's take a detailed view of some of the most popular formatting styles for your next ebook. 

EPUB Or .epub Format

The EPUB format is perhaps the most widely recognized and accepted ebook formatting service. This formatting style is available for tablets, smartphones, computers, and most readers except kindle. The EPUB format is protected by DRM technology and comes with robust copyright protection.

Two types of files are allowed for EPUBS. Fixed layout pubs come in elegant designs; the effects are set in the layout and support Javascript. You can also read aloud in these file formats, and the screen will light up and change colour as the voiceover proceeds with the story.

Reflowable EPUB files, on the other hand, allow a free flow of texts and images on the screen. So, they fit the most screen size and come in a flat linear design. This Format is most suited for text-heavy All You Can Books and is considered the most common distribution file. 

PDF Format Files

PDF is another popular choice for ebook formatting services and is designed by Adobe, and is known for its ease of use. PDF formats are not original ebook reader formats but can be easily shared due to their limited copyright protection.

The limitation of PDF file formats is that they have fixed layouts and are not easy to read on small screens. Many PDF editors are free, so you quickly create an ebook reader using the file format. 

AZW File Format

The AZW formats are kindle files developed by Amazon. It's mainly formatted for Kindle eReaders and has replaced chiefly MOBI files. AZW files offer superior DRM protection, and you can only use them for Kindle readers. They can also be accessed from the Amazon eStore.

The AZW files have been upgraded to AZW3 files after the release of the Kindle Fire. It contains additional HTML and CSS support, making them more advanced file formats. 

TXT or .txt Formats

TXT is a simple text file and uses the extension .txt. These files don't support graphs and images and are used only for text files, have no DRM protection, and have no fixed layouts. However, these files are great if you wish to publish a research report or simple textbooks.
MOBI Format

MOBI was the first file format used by Amazon before the Kindle version was launched. MOBI files are no longer supported, but AZW files still use the MOBI extension with a different DRM protection for ebook formatting services.

Important Book Formatting Tips

  • You need to remember these simple tips for the best ebook formatting services.
  • Use specialized software like the ones mentioned above because you can have issues with spaces and rags.
  • Take extra care in formatting your copyright, title, and dedication pages to achieve perfect alignment.
  • Avoid typesetting issues like widows and orphans while formatting your book. Your reader should not flip over to the next page just to read one or two words.
  • Don't use fun fonts because some formats may result in hard-to-read texts.
  • Don't' indent every paragraph while formatting a book. Set your first line indentation to 0.5" to counter the issue

Why You Must Outsource Your Ebook Formatting Services

You don't often have the time to proofread every sentence of your book. Even if you do, there can be issues with spelling, typing, and technical mistakes. To ensure 100% error-free texts, outsource ebook formatting services to a professional firm. 
  • Professional firms are experts at converting books, magazines, or other scanned formats.
  • Hiring an outsourcing service is budget-friendly
  • Specialized outsourcing ebook formatting services have the skills, resources, and tools to handle any conversion volume.
It improves productivity and your ability to meet strict publishing deadlines.
Choosing the right ebook formatting services is crucial for the success of your book. It will help to entice your readers and increase the popularity of your eBook. Remember the formats mentioned in the article while publishing, or hire a specialist to do the job for you.