With this Instagram follower generator you can get followers without polls, verifications or bots. Just type in your username and receive followers.

One of the many ways to get free Instagram followers is through a follower generator, in this way you can get to 1000, 10,000 followers or more very quickly.

What is an Instagram follower generator?

Growing from 0 followers to 1000, 10,000 and more is not easy, regardless of the type of social media, Instagram is no exception. The follower generator I want to tell you about in this article has nothing to do with automatic bots or fake followers, I wrote this article to show you an app that acts as a follower generator that shows your account and posts to people who interested in your posts to get you to follow on Instagram.

Best Follower Generator

You can get as many followers as you want and give yourself that initial momentum so you can become the next big Instagram influencer using GetInsta. GetInsta is one of the best free apps to increase followers, its goal is to help those users who want to get quality followers or increase the likes of their posts, with interactions coming exclusively from real accounts.

How does GetInsta work?

This follower generator has built a community of millions of users, where everyone can generate followers and increase likes on Instagram without any survey, without automations and, what's more, without payments.

People who used GetInsta were amazed and surprised by how their followers grew in just a few hours.

These are the benefits you will get by using it:

  • Free quality (real) followers. This platform guarantees a real and active follower generator. Its system algorithms scour your Instagram account, examining hashtags, geotags, posts, and content that potential followers might find relevant. When you generate follower requests, it will present it to users and they will choose to follow you if they are interested in your content.
  • Free Instagram likes. The growth of followers on Instagram is usually accompanied by an increase in likes. GetInsta will also send you additional free likes to your latest post when it sends you followers.
  • Immediate delivery. As soon as you send the follower request, your username will be entered in the GetInsta system, showing your account to the community users, the community is so large that the followers will arrive very quickly.
Instagram follower generator without human verification and without polls. GetInsta does not collect your information by conducting a preliminary survey. And no human verification is required to prove that you are a real person since only you can go through the entire process to get your followers.

Increase followers

Now, let's see how to use this free Instagram followers app.
  • Step 1: download the GetInsta APK on your Android phone or download it from the App Store for iPhone.
  • Step 2: Create your account and log into GetInsta, then add one or more Instagram accounts on which you want to generate free followers.
  • Step 3: select an Instagram account and start an activity. In a couple of minutes, you will start to see your followers grow.
follower generator

GetInsta's free way to increase followers and likes differs from other platforms. It offers you the opportunity to get unlimited free followers and likes thanks to the time you spend on the app. By following 1 profile, you will get 100 coins and by placing 1 like you will get 20 coins.

As you see, it's easy to get a lot of coins in no time which means a lot of followers and likes.


Having more followers on Instagram will help you become popular and get the attention of the potential followers you want to have, especially for those who run a corporate brand.

The follower base determines your profit base. Imagine sending your business link or ad link to around 100,000 followers, you can't imagine how much you would earn every day, even with a 0.1% conversion. Types of Instagram growth services can help you make it easier, GetInsta stands out for its wonderful features and the tangible benefits it brings to you. It's the smart way to increase Instagram followers quickly and for free. Give it a try and get your 100k followers now.