When cities faced COVID-19 lockdown, in many ways, it felt like life itself stopped. Everyone stayed home as restaurants and bars were forced to close, but if anything, that only put more stress on supply chains for grocery stores and other essential businesses.

While people stayed in their homes, trucks took to the highways as ever. Passenger travel by air and car were markedly down from last year, but the number of truck trips crossing the Niagara Falls Bridges was unchanged.

Even if your company is one of the few that emerged in a better position, sales are likely down. You may need cash in hand to purchase new equipment, or perhaps parlaying existing assets can free up capital to invest elsewhere in the business.

Please keep reading to learn how an equipment financing partner could give you the cash-flow help you need.

Streamline Commercial Equipment Financing

Businesses across sectors rely on trucks to transport their goods, but your equipment represents valuable business assets that can be leveraged to meet a more dire or immediate need. Connecting with industry-leading equipment financing companies like the ones at Capitalhands.com put you in touch with as many as 30 lenders with a single phone call.

The process will be smoother and quicker, and they’ll also sit with you to find the approach that best suits your business. Expect faster turnaround times and funds in your bank sooner, so your company can achieve its growth goals.

Business Line of Credit, Term Loans, Refinancing

Many small- and medium-sized businesses lost money adjusting to the restrictive and ever-shifting operational conditions of COVID-19. A term loan may be just the thing to fill in funding gaps.

Or, leveraging existing assets to get a more substantial line of credit may be the perfect way to free up cash you need to invest elsewhere in your business. An asset-backed line of credit — leveraging accounts receivable, equipment, property, inventory, and more — could translate into millions of dollars you could use today to grow your business.

The best equipment financing partners help structure and deliver a range of financing options, from term loans, asset-backed lending, debt restructuring, and more.

Accounts Received Financing

Are you owed badly-needed funds that are still outstanding? Does the uncertainty of when this money might arrive keep you up at night? Many businesses are currently on the brink. Having this funding could be the difference between survival and bankruptcy.

It might be worthwhile to accept a minor loss in exchange for getting most of this crucial funding in hand.

When you press a few buttons on your smartphone and, voila, products arrive at your door, the digital world feels like magic. COVID-19 reinforced that consumer goods and packages don’t simply materialize at your door — they are transported by trucks. Following stay-at-home orders there was a surge in demand for products like non-perishable food and toilet paper, which unsurprisingly resulted in an uptick in truck activity. If your company needs to finance transportation equipment, access a line of credit, or refinance existing assets, contact an equipment financing company today.