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It's that time of the year when every girl wants to look and feel the best. The festive season is probably everyone's favorite because of the happy vibes surrounding us. If this does not call for some trendy hairstyle and wardrobe makeover, then what does? While talking about hairstyles, one can say how great it is to keep up with the trend.

Many girls in America love changing their hairstyles from time to time. They are always in touch with what's popular everywhere and what's not. Well, there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye out. If you are in the same boat, you must try some trending hairstyles for a change.

For your assistance, here are the five best hairdos that are trending in America's top charts. These attention-grabbing hairdos will surely get you a lot of love and praise! So it is best to take some inspiration and keep investing in them.


The enduring demand for box braids will forever stay alive. When it comes to the best American hairdos, one could not forget about box braids. No wonder which ethnicity a person belongs to, they will always be willing to get box braids. The best thing about box braids is that they bring out the personality of people. Be it, men or women, braids suit everyone!

Nonetheless, the procedure of getting box braids is super time-consuming. One needs to be an expert at it, or else the entire look will fall apart. Therefore, only professionals can make it look all worthy and seamless in the end. Due to so much hard work, box braids have become one of the most popular hairstyles in the United States of America.


Oh wait, you have heard this term before? To be honest, who hasn't? The long bob is currently present in every girl's to-do hairdo list. It is just mind-boggling to be so creative with a simple bob. Not only that, but a long bob hairdo goes perfectly with various hair lengths. The style is a versatile and eye-catching one, which suits all types of faces and hairstyles.

Moreover, you can easily manage this hairdo over time. All you have to do is ask your hairstylist to give you a long bob, and you will be grateful for this decision.


To flex harder and awestruck everyone, you will need help from an asymmetrical undercut. This hairdo is a mixture of a pixie cut and bob with voluminous curls on one side and an undercut on the other side. Now, you may wonder why this hairdo is trending in America. The answer is simple; it is a unique hairdo, which makes everyone look chic and classy. Mind you, not every hairdresser can pull this off, so be careful while choosing a hairdresser. Also, an asymmetrical undercut will showcase your peak transformation, so brace yourself for countless compliments! This trendy hairdo will soon become your ideal hairstyle, something you can get over and over again.


Do you have long, untamed hair that is impossible to style on different occasions? Well, chandelier bangs got you covered. This fabulous hairdo is easy to carry and style, no matter the occasion. In 2020, people started falling in love with classy bangs paired with long layers. Chandelier bangs help in bringing out your glimmer eyes and give you a perfect face contour for free!

If you love having layers, then this hairdo is best for someone like you! You will also look ten times younger with graduated layers and bangs framing your face in an ideal manner.


Ah, last on the list is the ever so popular and loved hairdo; curly fringe. It is yet another famous hairstyle where bangs get curly naturally to complement the curly hair texture. This hairdo helps in softening the entire look, all the while adding dimension to the face. It adds a certain charm to someone's personality and enhances their features too. For some girls, keeping up with curly fringe can be challenging, but others find it pleasant. So it is up to your taste and preference to opt for this look or not.


With these five best trending hairdos of America, you can completely change your overall look. It is best to try different styles and see which ones suit you the most. Be it the chandelier bangs, long bob, box braids, asymmetrical undercut, or curly fringe, choose wisely. That way, you will know which styles go best with your face cut, hair texture, and length. Soon, you will also start looking trendy, just like your hairstyle!