Are you a newbie to motorcycling? Need some tips to get started with motorcycle riding? Then you have landed on the perfect page. This article will discuss some riding habits you should inculcate from the start. 

I have gathered these tips and tricks based on my riding experience, and that will make you a better rider. 


That being said, If you have photos of your motorcycle and want them to share on social media, feel free to use these 100 Motorcycle Quotes to go with your crazy revving engines. 


Throttle Control


This is the skill that every motorcyclist should work on and improve. It is a fundamental skill when it comes to riding a motorcycle. 

The throttle is the only way you communicate with your motorcycle and tell it the power you need. You may think it will only move you forward, but in reality, throttle determines how smooth your ride is how well you’re going to cut through corners how well your suspension is going to work and so much more. 


Smoothly push the throttle and only apply power when you need to. In the beginning, when you are learning to ride forget about the throttle solely focus on clutch release movement. We will discuss how, in the next part. 


Clutch Release Movement 

Start with Slowing releasing the clutch till you find the friction point in the clutch. Every clutch has a friction zone area in which you will feel the bike pulling. 

Release the clutch till you reach this point. Then your motorcycle moves forward without giving a throttle. You need to practice and experiment with these when you are learning to ride a motorcycle.


Keep Your legs tight & Upper Body Loose 

Keep your knees and legs against the gas tank on a sports bike for cruiser riders keep it close. That way, you can control motorcycle movements easily. 

So what I mean by being loose at the top and having a tight bottom is that you can manoeuvre bike just with your upper body movements. 


Maintain Steady Speed 

Once you understand controls and get comfortable riding, try to maintain steady Speed. Riding at constant Speed can help you know the motorcycle better. 

Avoid sudden acceleration gradually increase the speed once you have reached the necessary speed limit stick to that. Not only does avoiding sudden acceleration make for a safer ride, but it also helps save on fuel and maximise economy. For more tips on how to save fuel, check out this motorcycle fuel saving guide.

 Through Turns 

Another big tip is to look around when taking a turn. As wearing a helmet can block some view, turn your head and look around before making a turn. 

Physically lean your body outside the motorcycle before you take a turn. It is called counterweight you are going left but leaning right.




Here are some things you should avoid doing when riding a motorbike. These can save you from future dangers and make your ride safe. 

  • Not wearing proper gear is the biggest mistake you can do as a biker. Never ride without gear. Safety is the Priority. 
  • Avoid suddenly braking while you are making a turn. Don't rush in the corners be slow and smooth.
  • Avoid carrying heavy cargo on your motorcycle while riding. 
  • Don't stand up while riding. It is acceptable in offroading but standing up on roads makes you have less control over a motorbike.
  • Avoid riding in between the vehicles. That is dangerous due to drivers not being aware of riders in their closeness.