If you want to run your construction business more efficiently, you need the right tools for the job. OF course, this applies far beyond the tools that you use in the field. It is also the software that helps keep your business operations going smoothly. The following are six mobile applications that can help you improve your business.

1) SmartBidNet

Bidding is a key part of running a successful construction business. Learning how to write a construction bid is one of the main parts of becoming a successful construction company owner. It is good to know how to do it by hand. However, getting some help from software is always good.

SmartBidNet is a powerful way to create and manage bids with both clients and your subcontractors. It will help you to get more done with your bidding processes more quickly. It is also very secure and reliable.

2) GoBIM

Building information modeling is a process and set of technologies that help with generating and managing digital models of buildings. In particular, it models the physical and functional characteristics of various parts of the structure. This is an important part of information management for construction businesses.

GoBIM is an application that makes it easy to navigate 3D models and see associated data. BIM models are typically made according to standards set by ISO. So, you can be confident that the information from a desktop BIM application will usually work on this mobile app.

3) BusyBusy

Time recording is an important part of running a successful team in any setting. Sometimes, it is best to work with an application that is designed specifically for your industry. BusyBusy is a mobile time card calculator for construction businesses.

With this app, you can track time with the push of a button. Better yet, it has GPS features. So, if you have multiple sites, you can easily track where people are and associate their time with specific projects. Overall, this is significantly smoother and easier to use than a traditional, paper-based tracking system.

4) Plan Grid

Drawings and plans are a huge part of the construction process. With this application, you can easily create and share your drawings. It is all done via a cloud server, so it is a truly pick-up-and-start experience.

One of the advantages of Plan Grid is that it stores multiple revisions of the same drawings. So, you can easily keep track of how plans have changed over time. This can significantly aid communication because relatively minor changes may be missed in new plans sometimes.

5) Carpenter’s Helper

From a more on-the-ground perspective, this is one of the best tools on the list. It helps with a wide variety of measurements and calculations related to carpentry. For example, if you need to know the right length of stairs for a given application, you can quickly calculate them.

This tool has a pleasant user interface that is easy to understand and use. It will help you figure out all of the math for your project. One of the nice advantages of this is that you won’t suddenly realize you did the math wrong. As long as you measure the space right, it can do all the calculations for you.

6) FingerCAD

Computer-aided design is an essential part of construction and only becoming more important with time. While most CAD work is done on traditional computers, it can be helpful to have access to files from a mobile device. This is where FingerCAD comes into play.

You can open technical drawings that you made elsewhere. Plus, you can even make changes on the spot if you need to. This is a good way to easily reference your plans on the go.

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