As sports buffs, we never fall short of appraising strikers and defenders. However, the entire game revolves around the midfielders. But as we see teams lining up to improve their pressing-heavy strategies, midfielders are bound for that missed spotlight.

Today, we will discuss 5 such world-class midfielders who continue to prove their worth on the field. It’s about time we give them the attention, applaud, and respect they deserve.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (Southampton)

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg

We saw him in relegation battles at Bayern Munich. Yet, he performed consistently season after season. He is even the youngest club captain of his team, jointly with Jack Grealish. That is at age 24. Even when the Saints’ struggled in multiple seasons, this midfielder has shown his worth. Must check out the best football boots for midfielders in 2021.

He even won the German top division title. All his efforts are to ensure that his team stays in the Premier League each year. We can say this midfielder has sheer team spirit like nobody else.

You can even watch his matches along with others, live or streamed, on crack streams.

Michael Carrick

This midfielder has won the Premier League 5 times in addition to Champions League as he served his time at Manchester United. However, most of his dictate play outside Manchester United was highly underrated.

He won 34 England caps but still those were not enough to let him be recognized at the international level. That was during his matches when he played out his 12-year football career.

Currently, this midfielder turned into a professional football coach at Manchester United.

Marten Elco de Roon (Atlanta)

He is a right foot Dutch professional footballer playing for the Italian club, Atlanta. His most promising positions are central and attacking midfield. However, he’s the main defensive midfielder for his team.

He made his debut in 2016. Before that, he spent 6 long years learning every trick and tip for being the best midfielder. He learned when he joined Feyenoord youth.

In 2016, he played for Middlesbrough, giving them 36 matches. With his stellar performance, Atlanta re-signed him next year. Yet, publicly he seems to have less coverage or fans cheering him up from behind.

That could have been possible because the footballer has been the victim of his success at Middlesbrough. He has been duped into being a headless chicken running each game with higher expectations. He realized he had certain limits too. That’s when he moved back to Atlanta, realizing his stable position and natural talent.

However, viewers are still to see his combative performances for Atlanta in the upcoming seasons.

Kevin Nolan

He’s a goal-scoring midfielder with a high rate of dependability. Though, during his association with Sam Allardyce, he failed to receive much praise. Despite that, he only scored important goals in his football career with Bolton, Newcastle and West Ham.

However, we have seen that his image and style tarnish further with his association and gameplay with Sam Allardyce. He is currently coaching the Premier League club of West Ham United.

At Notts County, he even signed a three-year deal, being this County’s manager. Initially, he was praised highly by the County owner. However, after six winless games, he had to eventually resign.

However, his teammates, coaches, other members always perceived him as a player with pride, respect, and immense honor.

Meanwhile, throughout his football career, some commentators have always predicted him to lead a stellar England squad. He is proving that as the first team coach as he takes his career forward.

But if he got the same praise and recognition at the international level earlier as other players, he might have lasted longer as a midfielder.

Gareth Barry

He has made most appearances (653) in the Premier League, for which he even holds a record. However, he failed to get international recognition as Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard. That can also be because he only won two major trophies in his career. That was when he played for Aston Villa, Manchester City.

Otherwise, he played for overall four clubs in his life, including the City. Despite his magnificent career, he resigned at 39 later this year.

He could also have been stopped to rank internationally as he grabbed 119 yellow cards. That was also not achievable by other top players of the world. Seemingly, if he planned his gameplay strategically, international recognition would not have been far away.