Wine Tasting
Want to plan a couple’s trip but have problems selecting a location? Well, you can go to one of the several regions in Australia that produce great wine and offer a number of other things that can make your couple’s trip excellent. Did you know that the total vineyards area in Australia in 2020 is estimated to be 146,244 ha?

So, now let’s explore some of the best wine tasting destinations for couples that should be on your must-visit list:

1. Margaret River

The Margaret River region attracts wine lovers, foodies, and surfers alike. Just a few hours south of Perth, this town is situated on the West Australian coastline. Over 150 wine producers are based in this region.

Several boutique wineries offer a closer look for the tourists into the art of winemaking while providing the opportunity to interact with several generations of wine-makers. There are a number of secluded, private beach strips where you can enjoy a sparkling glass of wine with your partner while looking out at the beautiful view of the waves and the sunset.

2. Southern Highlands – NSW

Just 90 minutes south of Sydney, the Southern Highlands region is famous for its English- inspired hamlets. There are about 60 wineries in the region with each one producing excellent wine. The place is very beautiful and romantic and you can see manicured gardens, tulips in springs, and winter logs all throughout the region.

Romantic accommodations include country lodges and horse studs. You could also book a guest bedroom in one of the wineries to be very close to the great wine and have a romantic getaway in the beautiful wineries. You can also spend some time with your partner exploring the local cuisine.

3. Hunter Valley – NSW

A romantic wine trip to this place would include luxe resorts, cottages for two people, and unique restaurants and boutique vineyards where you are offered fresh produce picked right from the gardens. The place is just a few hour's drives from Sydney.

You can visit the numerous wineries here, all of which are located in spots that offer a beautiful view while you taste the exquisite wine. There are a number of Mountain Range vistas that will make your trip all the more romantic. You can hire a bike and go on your own couples’ tour of the place - visiting wineries, admiring the views, and enjoying the delicious local cuisine.

4. Yarra Valley – VIC

Yarra Valley is Victoria’s first wine-growing area. It’s only a few kilometres away from the city of Melbourne. For couples living in the city, this is the best romantic trip just a few hours away in the midst of wine and nature. You and your partners can spend hours exploring the numerous wineries in the region- taking in their rich history and tasting their amazing wines. Yarra Valley is also quite popular for its eateries and cuisine.

There are a number of popular eateries here with menus that aim to please the hearts (and stomachs) of all wine lovers. You can have lunch in several Yarra Valley winery restaurants and breweries and enjoy drinking wine along with eating fresh, delicious food in the company of your partner - all in one place. Does it get better than this?

5. Kangaroo Island – SA

The Kangaroo Island is located off the coast of Australia and has amazing wildlife with seals, penguins, and kangaroos, all making an appearance. The rolling hills with a view of the rugged coastline just add to the region's beauty. Imagine having wine with your partner in a place like this! Well, you can!

Turns out that the Kangaroo islands are home to some of the popular Australian winemakers that offer great wine. The wineries here offer a very homely feel and it would be very romantic to toast a glass of wine with your partner amidst the lush green hills and a view of the beautiful coastline. You can also participate in the numerous activities that take place on the island.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing a place from the ones listed above can be difficult because they are all great romantic getaways for wine lovers. You could visit them all on different occasions to enjoy what each place has to offer. Other than that, you should read more about the locations mentioned here and several others to prepare the perfect trip to a wine tasting destination for couples.