Funeral Reception
Having to conduct a funeral reception can be quite a demanding task, from dealing with the death of a beloved to having to take care of the body and further services, being the fated one having to do this task is quite a scare.

The emotions you must feel having to look at the person in a casket must be quite powerful yet immensely painful and you might be wondering, why?

To understand the depth and purpose of a funeral reception, we must ask ourselves, what is a funeral reception. 

What is a funeral reception?

The post-funeral reception sometimes called the wake is a ceremony held after a funeral, an opportunity to mourn the deceased, but more importantly, to celebrate their lives and their achievements.

More than often this is used as an occasion for the guests to express support and condolences towards the grieving family.

A funeral reception always provides a place to reconnect with long lost friends and distant relatives and share what was once common. A reason for far-away siblings to reconnect.

There are many reasons why you should consider adding rum during a funeral reception. Here are a few to consider:

To fix the mood:

A death of someone close won’t just be hard to bear but might have even been accompanied by a lot of emotional fatigue, tears, and grief, some might even have a sense of regret, for things they fought over with the deceased in the past, some might be left with a little bit of hate for something the deceased did, and worst of all, there might be a few who feel guilty for their death, whether it be a feeling of not spending enough time or causing them pain.

Alcohol is a great way to ease such worries and open up the tightest of personalities. Having a more open mindset in such a situation will allow you and other guests to settle your worries, guilt, and anger and replace it with a celebration of the person.

To help boost socialization:

A funeral is not a great place to discuss a person and his achievements. It is thus more appropriate to do the socialization and other events outside the funeral area.

It can be a moment for family friends and distant relatives to exchange greetings and catch up. To break the tension and crack the long-standing silence, a shot or two of premium, strong well-aged rum is a great way to get people into the mood for socialization.

Bringing a family together is definitely a reason for celebration. Helping break the silence and tension can ease the situation from a standoff to a comfortable discussion about the life and accomplishments of the late person.

Although generally advised as a bad practice to drink when you are in pain or grieving, an occasional drink will not harm a user and might even prove beneficial, not only as a means to promote socialization but also to chase away the pain.

As a part of the menu:

It is customary for the host to provide food and drink during a funeral reception. This can only be benefited with handcrafted rum as Bumbu XO Rum made from scratch by master distillers. Is there a better way to entertain your guests than provide an amazing dining experience to lighten the mood and soften their hearts and fill their souls?

Rum goes well with food generally served during funeral receptions, be it homemade, potluck or catering.

There will be several exceptions where alcoholic drinks are debarred, especially when you must follow a religious norm or event that does not allow for the consumption of alcohol so soon after the death of a loved one.

Rum is an age-old drink with a strong significance in funerals and traditions of yore. Adding rum to your funeral reception will be a great way to fix moods, encourage discussions, and add exquisiteness to the menu.

Remember to keep the mood high and the memories flying, and most of all keep it positive rather than mourning, as a positive reception will provide the best memories and help tighten the community.

All the best preparing for the reception!