Bengali Lunchables
What else is needed when the best caterers in Kolkata do have an organised place on the menu. When here in the city of Joy; one has to try the following items at least once in their entire tour. The Kolkata caterers have specialised in this.


Sukto is served as the first dish, as a pallet cleanser. Bitter gourd diced along with sweet potatoes, bottle gourd, unripe bananas, radish, drumsticks and also the queen of all Bengali dishes, “bori”.

Each of these vegetables is diced into medium-sized pieces, which is then combined ina beautiful sweet and bitter curry, called Sukto. This is served at all sorts of weddings by the best caterers in Kolkata. Usually, preferred with plain steamed rice. The Kolkata caterers, usually keep this as a lunch favourite.

Macher Matha Dia Dal

Moong dal, cooked with broken fish bones and an amazing composition to be served for lunch beside fritters. Kolkata Caterers have this as their best place because it is worth having a try.

Jhuri- Jhuri Alu Bhaja

Fried potato fritters, served along with peanuts and curry leaves. The best place, for people incorporating this with dal and steamed rice. You would be called the best caterers in Kolkata, only if you have this alongside dal.


Fried eggplant fritter, dipped in gram flour batter. This is extremely soft but only tastes good if hot and subtle. The Kolkata caterers often keep this as a vegetarian starter.

Bhetki Macher paturi

Here, the bhetki fish is basically, wrapped with mustard filling inside a piece of banana leaf. The Kolkata Caterers are used one of the best of all when it comes to lunch or non-veg dishes. This is best served with steamed rice and raw onions

Padba Macher jhal

The yummy pabda fish cooked alongside many other favourites of a Bengali lunch menu. Which comprises of delicacies favourable to the entire table. Padba fish is a Bengali favourite, especially when it is cooked well with mustard and turmeric.

Basanti Pulao

Good old, pulao frangnaished with the pretty ingredient of Kesar. The best side dish for exclusive non-veg canaries.

Kosha Mangsho

Now, Kosha Mangsho can be made with either chicken or even mutton. But, Bengali’s love mutton and this is just a heavenly couple. A yummy composition to be served by the best caterers in Kolkata, alongside tandoori roti or pulao.

Dimer Dalna

Yes, this is good old Egg curry, but better. The best caterers in Kolkata, try to incorporate their best versions of every dish. The menu needs to have this particular dish because it is worth loving for almost all food lovers.

Chicken Dak bungalow

The most amazing dish, which is cooked with chicken leg piece, and boiled egg. This is slightly less spicy but extremely homely for people with low spice tolerance. The most appropriate dish beside a beautiful bowl of pulao.

Plastic er Chatni

No, I don’t mean to talk about real plastic. Bottle gourd, squashed into a funny pulpy chutney. A pleasant sweetness, and a touch of lemony taste. The Kolkata Caterer’s take this as a big win-win for their menus.


Bengali’s are known for their amazing sweet dishes. The amazing composition of sweets altered by the best caterers in Kolkata. Have been popularised for the winner Rosogolla. This is an amazing piece of sweet, as soft as cushion dripping in sweet sugar syrup.

Matha Sandesh

Who isn’t fond of Nolin Gur, or Date Palm Molasses? This is probably a heavenly creation only found during the winters. Kolkata Caterers do not even try anything else when it is the winter season.

Matha Sandesh during winters is made with the above magical ingredient. Where, instead of serving sweets shaped like something. They do serve it shapeless on the very plate, or as a pudding. The graininess of this yummy sweet, is what makes it so special and praiseworthy for the ones having it even for the first time ever.

The biggest win-win for someone in Kolkata is their fabulous street food combination and the amazing combination of the best caterers in Kolkata. Food is a priority for anyone here, and so is with