If the best candidate for the job walked right into your office, would you recognize them? Companies need to address this question because it’s never been more important to have the right people aboard.

COVID-19 has caused upheaval worldwide in countless ways. Job loss is soaring as businesses struggle. Companies that are still running may be in a more precarious financial situation than ever. The budget for hiring people has shrunk, and existing employees may be expected to do more.

In this context, companies need to make objective, data-driven hiring decisions. Keep reading to learn how job description writing software makes it easy.

Better Job Descriptions, Quickly

Historically, HR employees may write job descriptions for positions they don’t completely understand. Not only does this take up a lot of time, but it also leads to a misalignment between what the job entails and what qualities the company says they’re looking for.

Now, HR departments can take advantage of powerful AI technology designed to identify the traits required for specific jobs. Simply enter the title into the database and see over 1,000 high-quality draft descriptions, which can serve as a prompt.

Industry leaders like HRSG have an exclusive AI Suggestion Engine, which helps companies build precise job descriptions from scratch. Companies can use any mix of both approaches — leverage automation and let your experts exercise professional judgement, as needed.

With the best databases and AI engines at their fingertips, your HR department will be more efficient and effective than ever.

AI Leads to Continued Success

Job creation software gets the right people through the door, and it also helps them throughout their tenure at the company. The key competencies that the software screens will be the ongoing basis on which each employee is evaluated.

This ensures continuous alignment and full transparency. When an organization tracks all their employee’s core competencies together, they have a map of what’s needed for success.

Likewise, the software gives each employee career pathing support backed by hard data. See your career arc at a glance, with validated statistics indicating how close you are to your next promotion and even the ones after that.

When employees are fundamentally aligned with the company’sskills and values, both are set up for long-term success.

Skills Must Be Balanced

Job description software doesn’t work in a binary sense, “does this person have skills for this job,‘yes’ or ‘no.’” The most sophisticated software assesses prospective job candidates after weighing all their skills within three categories:

·         Core Competencies

·         Leadership Competencies

·         Technical Competencies

From here, your HR department can incorporate these three profiles to help them perform essential functions, like assessment, interviewing, and development.

Putting together the right team requires having a three-dimensional understanding of each job candidate and how they align with the job requirements and company culture. Job description software is the fastest and most effective way to accomplish these goals. Given the extra challenges faced during COVID-19, companies can use this software now more than ever.