Love Traveling
You must travel to fulfill your soul, what you are doing 9-5, a job! your life sucks, go on traveling! this is something that you must have seen too much on interest and Tumblr all the time. No, I am not against the tourism industry or traveling. I am an avid traveler but I have a different opinion and quite realistic about my life and these quotes that can turn any teenage and even some grownup's life a hell for them because they will never feel satisfied as people will always compare their lives with the one who looks happy and successful. Like people who talk about hosting always compare names like Bluehost with others and it is understandable as it is marketing. But behind those cool traveling photos, satisfied smiles, there is more to know about.

No Money At First Year

If you are a new travel blogger or want to be a travel blogger then you shouldn’t expect to earn just in a week because you are doing it well or traveling well. This is because the linked agencies or agencies will not pay you a dime unless you have proven yourself a worthy investment. The financial situation isn't always good and stable. Not even for professional bloggers.

A 24/7 Job

Traveling blog isn't just about traveling for two or four hours and then write 2 posts and you are done. Travel blogger is more like a 24-hour job. You will need to spend 12-14 hours a day working on your computer or laptop. You will need to dedicate your time and energy to running a travel blog because it is more than getting hosting from Hostgator and writing blog posts. Then you will think is for the rest will be spent on responding to hundreds of e-mails per day, You will need to negotiate with potential clients and advertisers every day, creating videos, editing photos, and networking with other bloggers and your subscribers.

Depend on Technology

When you are a travel blogger, you will need to show the world through your camera Lenz. You will need to spend time taking photos and by photos, I mean really good photos. You, Will, need to take perfect pictures of every drink you take, every meal you order because your blog readers will need to see the world through the pictures so what would be the point if your pictures are blurry and dull. Also, you will need to carry many photography and videography equipment so basically, your whole traveling experience is more like a job which is "heavily" dependent on technology.

Pressure Of Being Perfect

As a travel blogger, you will have extra pressure to make everything look better and real even though they aren't at all. Every time you are traveling to the new location, even though you are stressed, tired, need rest, or anything alike, you will need to look pretty like you are having an enviable trip, why? you may ask because you have to show the world that this is real and this is what you need to do. This is real life and this is best. But the fact is, your life is better it just needs you.