Consider the following: How do you feel about the dents that occur in your new painting process before you bring your new car home? Corner guards and wall guards are a cost-effective way to protect your time-consuming home garage vehicle. The problem of parking protection is also growing. The world is changing rapidly. Cities are overcrowded, and congestion is inevitable.

For site planners who use multiple vehicle parking garages, corner guards and wall guards are minor investments with two dividends. By thinking ahead of time where the driver can park in tight spaces, planners can increase the safety and ease of use of the rider.

Wall guards can be attached to the home garage to prevent damage to the finish of the car. To get detailed info about parking click here:

Protect your car

Financial investment is not the only thing that will be put into new vehicles. During these weeks, most people read reviews online, compare shopping models and prices, and make funding decisions, and balance style and functionality. When the car is finally pulled out of the parking lot, 88% of new owners are proud to post a photo on Facebook. Fifteen percent of owners say style was an important purchase decision.

Unfortunately, in a home garage, a car door hitting a wall or shelf can cause common car injuries.

Small garage

As homes and land became more expensive, the land and home footprint became smaller. According to a 2013 home survey, 75% of newly built garages were too cramped to secure, given the size of today's cars.

Not only is the garage smaller, but the vehicle is also larger. Crumpled zones, airbags, and new technologies add weight to small cars. Urban drivers are also buying more and more trucks and SUVs.

Heavy trucks and SUVs can take up a foot less space. Things get cramped when there is storage space in the room. For some time, drivers may be careful when leaving a too-tight space, but children are notorious for being unremembered, and visitors may not understand.

  • Fortunately, owners can install an impact rubber wall guard before a new car enters a tight garage.

  • Placing a wall protector next to the parking space prevents collisions and scratches on walls and vehicles.

Of course, the difference lies in the resale market, where some drivers prefer used and some new cars.

A used car in good or good condition can bring thousands of dollars or more at the transaction or sale price.

If the driver plans to own the vehicle for six years, it makes sense to handle it properly, both in resale value and in itself. It is practical and easy to prevent the slightest collisions and scratches that frequently occur on car doors.

Corner guards can protect the parking structure.

Corner guards not only help protect the vehicle. It also helps protect your assets. In commercial parking lots, the corner guards on the walls and structural columns prevent the car from breaking through the corners, keeping the structure new and well-maintained.

  • Clean parking has hazard paint and corner guards on structural columns

  • Corner guards help prevent wear in multi-vehicle parking structures.

Drivers who enter a well-maintained space are confident in their destination and misplace their car. Rubbing the brackets on the car does not cause any structural damage, but the appearance damage makes the parking lot structure appear more worn than it is.

Wall guards and corner guards for customers

As the car grows, some drivers find it more difficult to negotiate the parking lot structure. Older garages with tighter spaces can alleviate this frustration by protecting the support structure. The driver of a large car can be confident that it will not be scratched. They can even leave more space between themselves and the car next to them, knowing that the door closest to the pillar will not slam.