Scene of an Accident
Vehicular accidents happen every day, around the clock, so it is imperative that you are ready if it ever occurs to you, or even if you witness it. Accidents on the road happen in the millions every year, but many times they are minor incidents.

Regardless of the severity, you need to know how to handle yourself in these types of situations. Knowing the steps to take to make the process easier and safer for all those involved is a handy skill to have. Here is what you should do if ever an accident occurs to you.

Contact Emergency Help

The first thing that should be done in an accident, no matter if it is big or small is seeking emergency help. Even a minor fender bender can result in whiplash, which could be a nagging issue later on in life. Even if you or anyone involved is okay, it is important that EMS, firefighters, and police are present to keep the situation under control. They will block off the road so no one interferes with the scene and provide any aide if it is needed.

Check If Everyone Is Okay

Even if everyone is physically okay, people can still be very shaken up by an accident. It is a good idea to make sure that everyone is okay both physically and mentally. It could be as simple as giving someone a blanket or some water or talking with them to calm their nerves after the ordeal. It is also very important that you do not say too much to other pedestrians or motorists that may incriminate you or instigate conflict. This is a touchy time for everyone involved and right after an accident is no place for the blame game. Simply do your best to ensure that everyone is fine until emergency services arrive.

Contact a Lawyer

No matter if you are the victim of the accident or the at-fault driver/pedestrian, you need to contact a lawyer right away to protect yourself. This step applies no matter where you live as almost all accidents require similar steps, and the phoenix personal injury attorneys show why it is so vital to get legal representation quickly. As mentioned, self-incrimination can be as easy as saying “I’m sorry, this was all my fault” which is a common phrase of reassurance that could end up harming you if they decide to sue for damages in court. Getting protected with a lawyer will help make the post-accident proceedings much easier to deal with.

Collect and Write Down Evidence and Details

Forensics teams, insurance claims auditors, and the police and emergency services will all do their best to document the scene of the accident and collect evidence but that does not mean that you cannot help as well. Take pictures after any medical situations are dealt with and write down as much detail as possible about the events leading up to, during, and after the accident. Things like date, time, location, and any discernible vehicles or witnesses at the scene are good to note for future reference. Similarly, take pictures of their license plate, their car, the damage they received both on their person and vehicle (car, bike, etc.), and debris. It can be good to note any security or traffic cameras in the area that may help illuminate more detail about this event in question as well. Collecting this evidence will be useful for your legal team and insurance companies.

Insurance Company

Contact Your Insurance Company

Lastly, you need to talk to your insurance company. This incident may cause your coverage to rise in cost if you were at-fault and sometimes, even not-at-fault accidents can make coverage or premiums rise. Gathering all of that information helps you create a valid recollection of your involvement that can help prevent an exaggerated insurance claim, and in the inverse, it helps protect against an exaggerated claim from the other party involved in the accident. Whether the case goes to court for damages depends on whether you want to or the other person wants to, but insurance will be involved regardless. Many times, the case will be resolved out of court with a settlement and insurance covering damages, but you need to make your insurance company aware of this accident immediately

Following these steps is a good way to make sure that even after an accident, you can be sure that you did everything in your power to keep you and those involved safe. Not only that, but it helps you take the proper preventative steps to handle any legal and insurance-related requirements following an auto accident.