What is the SAT
If you have passed your school and want to get college admission then, it's crucial to know about the SAT. Various colleges require an entrance test for college admission.

Before applying for the SAT, you must have to know about the history of the SAT. The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) comes from the army IQ test in 1926. After that, in 1933, the principle of Harvard adapts it as an aptitude test. In 1940, it had become a standard test for college admission.

What is the SAT?

Scholastic aptitude test is an entrance exam of 3 hours for law students. It is conducted to check the ability and IQ level of students. The college administration prepares this multiple choice base paper. By this paper, the college administration knows the high school readiness and intelligence of the student.

Students can prepare for the test by SAT preparation books. According to the score of this test, college officers review the applications. Along with your high school GPA and reviews of your mentor, the result of the SAT is also important. The score of the SAT varies from institution to institution.

When the SAT is held on?

The SAT is held in spring and at the end of junior year. It's necessary to prepare for the SAT before applying for college admission. Check the incoming SAT exam date and get ready to secure high marks. The SAT is nothing, just a pencil & paper base multiple choice paper.

What are the major sections of the SAT?
  • The following are major sections of the SAT:
  • Maths
  • Reading & Writing
  • Essay section (optional)
Prepare these subjects and observe the reading and writing skills at the evidence level. The essay portion is optional because all the colleges do not prefer the essay exam. Before starting preparation, check the requirements and syllabus of your SAT exam.

SAT duration & Score:

The Scholastic Aptitude Test duration is 3 hours. If you want to attempt the essay, then 50 additional minutes will be given. The highest marks of SAT are 1600. Each section maths and reading scores 200–800 scale points. The optional marks of the essay are also added separately.

SAT Registration:

The registration for the SAT is open at the end of each junior and senior year. It remains open four to five weeks before the test. There is an email require to signup on the official website of the college. While many other colleges do not require it.

How to prepare for the SAT?

You have applied for the SAT and want to prepare to get a high score. There are many books available sometimes it's hard to choose which one is the best. You can enroll in the online SAT preparation programs. These programs are working to provide the best facilities to students and helping them get a high score.

The official SAT study guide is available. Get all the official guides and patterns of the SAT in printed form by purchasing the SAT study guide.