Talkspace has supported the community by offering high-quality online therapy services. The New York-based company has provided the services since June 1, 2012. Millions of people suffering from mental disorders have benefited from the firm's affordable services. Furthermore, the company embraces modern technology that connects them with professional therapists through the user-friendly mobile app.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made individuals remain indoors, either working remotely or hanging around. Either way, the situation might affect their mental health due to loneliness, job loss, financial problems, and domestic violence.

Additionally, individuals working from home might experience mental health issues due to pressure from the bosses. Even though the firm provides counseling services during the pandemic, individuals could play a critical role in supporting the community. Think about the following constructive ideas.

Making Fabric Facial Masks

For the last few months, facial masks have turned into a compulsory possession globally. Many companies have made it mandatory to wear masks in public places. However, many people can't afford them despite their small size.

Talkspace experts recommend that you make a positive impact by making masks and donating to the needy by mail and hospitals. You don't have to possess tailoring expertise for the same. Various sites, including Find the Masks and GetUs PPE, have the necessary tips and patterns for sewing masks. Additionally, the platforms connect interested individuals.

Helping Essential Workers with Public Transit Tickets

Many states in the US have experienced the highest Public transit ticket rates during the epidemic. Although social distancing measures have affected the industry, essential workers use the same to get to their workplaces.

According to Talkspace, you could donate the prepaid pass to essential workers if you work from home. For example, Corona Metro from New York connects people across the region. Alternatively, you might do the same through the local administration.

Establishing or Joining a Mutual Aid Network

Unlike charitable organizations, mutual aid networks revolve around sharing. By extension, community members benefit from each other's time, resources, and support. Services include monetary donations, visiting neighbors, distribution of groceries, and childcare, to name but a few. You might find a mutual aid network online and through international directories. Besides, you could establish one through mailing friends, social media, and messaging apps.

Visiting and Calling the Elderly

Health experts have noted that the elderly have high risks of contracting the virus. However, social distancing measures might make them lonely and feel abandoned. Visiting, donating foodstuff, and calling them is excellent therapy. However, remember to observe health protocols to avoid infecting them.

The Bottom Line

Even though the pandemic has affected everyone directly or indirectly, community therapy is vital. Using your free time to check on your neighbor is the best gift during a health crisis. Concisely, we all have something to offer to the community, including time.

A Brief Review of Talkspace

Oren and Roni Frank established the company to improve the mental health of individuals at their homes. Additionally, it provided a lasting solution to patients that don't embrace person to person therapy. The unlimited chats, text messages, and video calls enable them to connect with thousands of professional and licensed therapists through the app.