New High-Efficiency HVAC System
If you are looking to lower your energy costs and want to help the environment, you should consider getting a new high-efficiency HVAC system. If you have an older unit, it will not work as efficiently as the newer models. If your model is over ten years old, you should consider upgrading immediately. There are many great reasons why you should go ahead and upgrade your system.

Energy Cost Reduction

Most of your old air conditioning units will have a SEER rating of ten or under. The SEER rating for a new HVAC system will be 13 to 23. This will vary depending on the type of unit you purchase. The US passed a law that states that residential units have to maintain a seer rating of 13. There is an exception to this but is only window air conditioners are allowed to have a seer rating of 10. Your power consumption will significantly be reduced once you upgrade to a new model. For example, if you have an old HVAC unit with a SEER rating of 9 and you upgrade to one around 13, you will reduce your power usage by 28%. That is a savings of around $300 per year.

An Efficient Unit

The newer units that are on the market today have 2 stage compressors along with variable speed air handlers. This will allow the units to consume less energy while being more efficient. The features that are on the newer machines allow for more even cooling of your home and fewer temperature swings. Davidson, a reliable HVAC contractor, recommended this service ( for getting an efficient unit.

Tax Credits

When you purchase a high-efficiency air conditioning unit, you will be able to sign up for a tax credit when you do your taxes. There are currently no federal rebates for high-efficiency HVAC systems, but many state governments and local governments may offer some rebates. Speak with your HVAC contractor to see what kind of tax credits and rebates are available in your area. In some cases, these rebates are only available for a limited time. Do your research before making your purchase of a new high-efficiency unit to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

Fewer Repairs

Older units are more subject to wear and tear when compared to the high-efficiency models. This is due to the design of the new units. They allow for less stress to be placed on the HVAC unit. When you take a look at this, you will see that you will save money in the long run by purchasing a high-efficiency unit instead of keeping your old one and making repairs over the years. Due to these units' low wear and tear, they will last significantly longer than the low-efficiency options. To prolong the life of your system, you must ensure the timely maintenance and service of your unit by professionals like Chicago heating and cooling experts.

Helping the Environment

Older HVAC machines use Freon, which is also known as R-22. This refrigerant chemical has been linked to ozone depletion. In 2010, R-22 was banned in new air-conditioning systems. A new refrigerant that is more environmentally friendly called R-410A is now being used. This new refrigerant does not cause any ozone depletion. It is the only refrigerant allowed in units today. If you have an older system, you have R-22. In getting rid of the system, you are helping get rid of the dangerous ozone-depleting refrigerant.

Less Noise

Older HVAC units are generally noisy. With high-efficiency machines, it is designed to be quiet. You will no longer have to worry about hearing the loud sound every time the unit kicks on. This is an excellent option for those that do not like the sound of their unit running.

Better Air Quality

High-efficiency HVAC units will help improve your air quality. Older units may not move the air well. As they age, they may attract dust and debris that you may not see. Newer units will have a better filtration system that will help to minimize allergens and dust. Even the slightest amount of allergens can cause breathing problems for people with asthma and other breathing conditions. A top-quality filtration system will help them to breathe more comfortably and have a better quality of life. By purchasing a high-efficiency unit, you can rest assured that your air quality will be much better.

Special Promotions

To help you save money, many heating and cooling companies will offer special promotions when you get a new high-efficiency machine. You can save considerable money by going through the promotions when getting your new unit installed. Be sure to check with your local HVAC companies to see which ones are running special promotions for new high-efficiency units. Chances are you will be able to save money when getting a new unit. Plus, if you have a home warranty plan in place, you can use this to cover the cost of any repairs or replacements to the HVAC systems in your home. Home warranty plans are more readily available than ever before too so there are no excuses. For example, if you live in Ohio home warranty companies like First American can offer a wide range of different home warranty plans to suit all budgets. Just remember to compare your options to ensure that you are getting the right home warranty plan for your needs.

If your unit is aging, you will want to consider getting a new high-efficiency model. These new high-efficiency models are great for the environment and can help you save money on your utility bills each month. Call your local HVAC company today to see about purchasing a new unit.