Hair removal isn’t a new thing. History has it that this is a trend that has been there from as early as 4000BC.

Initially, people used to remove hair to inhibit the spread of parasites like lice and stop the spread of diseases. In other regions, for example, Egypt, the locals waxed themselves to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

In modern times, most people have SuperSmooth aestheticians help them get rid of unwanted hair on their bodies not just for aesthetic appeal but also to maintain higher hygiene habits. If you wish to get rid of unwanted body hair, a permanent solution may be appealing.

Is there a Permanent Hair Removal?

If you’ve made up your mind to get a permanent hair removal procedure or treatment, you expect that the hair you remove will never have to grow back. It is possible to remove your unwanted hair permanently. Here are a few scientifically-backed options to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

·         Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a hair removal method that removes individual unwanted hairs from your body. The medical electrolysis devices used in this procedure can use heat or chemical energy to destroy individual hair follicles.

Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal procedure because it targets the hair follicles for destruction, thus inhibiting future hair growth in the treated area. You can use it to get rid of unwanted hair on most parts of your body.

Some of the most common parts used include the abdomen region, eyebrows, legs, face, breasts, and thighs. It is, however, worth pointing out that electrolysis doesn’t guarantee permanent results for everyone.

Is Electrolysis Safe?

This procedure is generally safe with very rare permanent side effects. You may need a local anesthetic treatment to minimize discomfort during a treatment session.

You may experience a few common side effects liken redness or tenderness on the treated region. However, these are usually temporary.

·         Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment is another reasonably popular permanent hair removal option. This procedure promises long time results but offers no guarantee of a permanent solution.

It works just like electrolysis, where the laser technology used here uses light energy to destroy or damage the hair follicles. If the hair follicle is destroyed completely, you may never see hair grow again in the treated region. However, if the follicles are only partially damaged, the hairs may regrow but after several months.

There are different laser hair removal options for different skin types. You may require multiple sessions to get the results you want from this procedure.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe

If you’re hoping for a safe long-term solution for unwanted hair on your skin, laser hair removal is an ideal option to consider. It is safe but may come with a few side effects such as burns or scarring. There are certain medical conditions that may rule you out as an ideal candidate for this procedure.

·         IPL

IPL is also popularly known as Intense Pulsed Light. IPL can be a worthwhile alternative for a long term solution for unwanted hair removal. IPL technology works by applying a gentle light pulse to your hair root to make the hair go into a resting phase.

The hair will then fall off, and your body will then grow lesser hair on the treated area. To permanently reduce unwanted hair growth using IPL technology, you will need to repeat treatments on the target area for some time.

Is IPL Safe

IPL for hair removal is considered safe. However, it is mainly recommended for light-skinned people with dark hair. It may come with a few side effects, ranging from swelling to redness on the treated area.

Should you see a Dermatologist for Permanent Hair Removal?

Removing hair permanently isn’t a simple feat. A lot of products are marketed as ideal for permanently removing unwanted hair or reducing their growth.

From chemicals to creams, machines, and gadgets, many products promise success with permanent hair removal. Here’s the catch; there’s no guarantee that a product or device will deliver the promised results for removing unwanted hair.

As a basic rule of thumb, you should visit a dermatologist and use their guidelines for permanently removing unwanted hair from your body. When you visit an aesthetic clinic, they will review your preferences and goals and recommend permanent unwanted hair removal options appropriate for you.

They will also review your health or medical history and recommend the procedures that could apply to you. Ideally, this is better than doing trial and error games with products you’ve never used. When you use a new product without the guidance of a certified dermatologist or aesthetician, you do not only risk burns but also injuries that may leave you with permanent, ugly pigments on your body.

Final Word

It is possible to permanently remove unwanted hair from your body, but you will undoubtedly need multiple treatments. If you’re unsure about the right treatment option for you, contact us today to review the appropriate options you can use.