Fountain Maintenance
So you have your fountain pump plan ready. You have ordered the fountain pond pump online and now you are ready to install it to have a wonderful yard running your fountain that will not only add to the luxury and delight but will also be a functional addition to the environment in your surroundings.

However, having a fountain and then ignoring its maintenance and care could spell disaster for you. You should know how to maintain your fountain area for an enhanced and effective life. After ordering the fountain pond pump online and then creating the right atmosphere and place for your fountain is not enough; you must know that you should have a proper plan in place for the maintenance of the fountain.

Here we have listed some key tips for fountain maintenance that you should follow:

Keep the Pump Clean

The most important part of your fountain is the pump. How effectively it is functioning? Is it qualitatively running the water around? And what is the right way to keep your fountain pump going? It is something that you must know and follow fully. Thereby you have to ensure that you keep your fountain pump clean and debris free. When you order the fountain pond pump online, make sure to go through the details to know the right strategy and tips to keep the fountain clean and maintained.

There are several factors like debris, dirt, and leaves that can be detrimental to the life and the functioning of the fountain which you must be wary of. The basic cleani8ng routine means unplugging the pump, taking it out, and then cleaning it thoroughly with a cloth or an old toothbrush. This should be done once a month, which will help in keeping your fountain running effectively. If you are using hard water in the fountain then you should clean the pump more frequently to remove the calcium from the pump parts.

Apply Water Treatments

Water treatments are highly useful in keeping the fountain free from the growth of algae as well as other such build-ups in the fountain. Leaving the fountain untreated for long means the algae will grow big as well there will be mineral deposits that will be hard to remove later on. Make sure you go through proper testing and then proceed with water treatment.

Clean the Fountain Basin Debris

The Basin of the fountain must be regularly cleaned so as to avoid the blockage of the water pump. This means that sticks, leaves, and other debris should be removed from the basin on a regular basis. You can use a screen over the pump that ensures that debris is kept away from entering the pump.

Replace the Waters Regularly

Do not think that if there is water in the fountain then it isn’t the time to replace the water. Water has to be replaced at least twice a year so that you are able to achieve good water quality.

Keep the Water Levels Maintained

Water replacement is a basic duty for you that you have to do on a regular basis. However, replacing it by filling the water means that it should be done on the proper level. The pump must be covered by the water at all times so that it doesn’t get burned out. The right level is to keep the water at two inches below the fountain base and you should maintain you don’t fill water too high. Regularly check that the water level is at the right stage at all times especially on the hot days as that is the time when it can go down low pretty early.

Clean Fountain Surface

Fountain maintenance includes cleaning the fountain surface regularly. Your fountain surface can give rise to the growth of algae, as well as mineral deposits along with the animal waste. Thereby it becomes necessary that you are employing the right cleaning methods and on a timely basis to keep your fountain surface cleaned.

Do Not Use Harsh Cleaners

If you are thinking to use chlorine bleach to treat algae while running the pump then avoid doing so, as it can lead to corrosion of the pump.

Make Sure You Run Fountain Pumps Regularly

The regular your fountain keeps on running, the lesser are the chances of the build-up of any waste and algae growth. Also, you should know that turning on and off the water pump reduces its functional efficiency and life. However, there should be a proper time to run the pump and it should not run 24/7.

Examine Mechanical Parts

Regular inspection of the mechanical parts of the fountain helps to keep them running smoothly and for a longer period.

Therefore, following these water fountain maintenance tips will keep your fountain running and functioning in a very well way. Also, make sure that you are using and buying the right quality water fountain pond pump online.