alternative investment strategies
James River Capital is a Virginia-based alternative investment company established by Paul Saunders. For the last 25 years, the firm has provided top-rated entrepreneurial advisory services to its clients. Almost every investor felt the effects of the COVI-19 pandemic. Some ventures made massive returns during the pandemic.

However, James River Capital's CEO, Saunders, improved his management strategies to remain in business. Paul represents many other business leaders whose investments survived through their unmatched expertise in the industry. The beauty is that the situation has improved, and many countries have started to reopen the economies cautiously.

According to Paul Saunders, investors must create a safe and conducive working environment for everyone by facilitating teamwork and other professional management strategies. Despite the pressure of recovering time and losses incurred during the epidemic, business leaders should apply Paul's following tips.

Make Safety a Priority

Paul insists that the leaders must remember that resuming business doesn't mean that COVID-19 is over. Therefore, they must ensure the employees' safety at all times. Provision of free personal protective equipment, including sanitizers and masks to the staff, should be mandatory. Allowing them to bear the cost increases the infection risks due to reluctance.

The James River Capital leader also notes that the leaders should establish shift-working schedules to limit the number of employees on the premises at any given time. Additionally, businesses should have professional cleaners to avoid distracting the team at work. On social distancing, the leaders should adjust the working space by adjusting seats and installing plexiglass if needed. Saunders points out that business leaders should allow employees to work from home if they wish to reduce transmission.

Improve Communication Skills

According to Paul, most employees feel that their jobs are at stake despite resuming duties. Therefore, positive leaders should communicate frequently and reassure their safety. Additionally, leaders should update the team on safety policies regarding COVID-19. They might consider using either email, pre-recorded clip through Vidyard and other platforms, or a socially distanced meeting. The updates and transparency play a critical role in motivating the team.

Enhance Flexibility

As earlier mentioned, numerous companies and businesses need to recover the time lost during the pandemic. Others are under pressure to supply products to their clients. However, Saunders advises business leaders to avoid directing the pressure to the team. By extension, they should exercise flexibility on deadlines and targets. Paul notes that the team needs time to gain momentum; hence, the leader should motivate them. For example, paid time off, financial and counseling support, and Telehealth services are excellent motivational initiatives.

Empower and Entertain Employees

Positive leaders engage employees in decision-making processes. Engaging employees motivates them because they feel part of the initiative. During the COVID-19 season, creative leaders should establish an anonymous communication channel to enable employees to communicate comfortably.

Saunders recommends a Slack channel operated by a human resources representative. On the other hand, leaders should motivate them through socially distanced parties, picnics, and other safe fun-making moments to boost productivity.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has already damaged the business sector and other areas. Positive leaders should remember that the crisis affected the employees too. Therefore, they should support and engage them in every activity to enhance their businesses and companies' speedy recovery.

About James River Capital

Kevin Brandt and Saunders acquired the private equity company from Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. in 1995. Previously, the company operated as the alternative investment subsidiary to Kidder since 1986. During that time, Paul and Kevin worked as senior officers of James River Capital.

When Paine Webber acquired Kidder, the two agreed to purchase James River Capital and continue with its alternative investment strategies. It's noteworthy to mention that the award-winning firm operates under the SEC, and CFTC, Commodity Futures Trading Commission as an advisor and operator.