Do Landscaping

Plants and trees are some of the easiest ways to make a landscape more vibrant and beautiful. If you know which tree is planted best, you can ensure that your tree will live a healthy life for years. The most successful professional landscape designs are planned by considering the factors like climate and environment.

According to commercial landscape maintenance services, trees can add extra aesthetics to your landscape, including height and structure; however, planting them can feel like a daunting task.
 Tree canopies, along with providing shade, serve as a magnificent view and habitat for animals.

It can take months to plan a tree landscape, which involves following several steps. So, here is how you can transform your gardens by landscaping them with trees. However, you can always take professional help for tree-moving on a golf course if you plan to beautify it.

While learning how to do landscaping using trees can be a fun DIY project, sometimes it's best to leave it to an expert landscaper. Their professional touch can transform your outdoor space into a verdant paradise, enhancing both the aesthetic and value of your property.

Why do you want to add trees?

Before you start acquiring your new tree selection, ask yourself what is the main purpose you are planting trees, which may include the following-
  • Beauty- If you want to enhance your garden’s look, consider planting ornamental and flowering trees that bore vibrant colours or have a unique texture.
  • Shade- If you want to add shade to your yard, go for a tree with a large canopy that can cast a large shadow.
  • Habitat- Are you fond of wildlife? Then select your trees accordingly, which host different species of birds and animals like squirrels or rabbits to add an element of life to your landscape.
  • Privacy- Thick trees are the best affordable privacy screens that also last longer. Nowadays, there are plenty of fast-growing privacy tree options that can make your selection process easier.
  • Food- If you are looking to benefit from your naturally grown fruits, nuts, or citrus trees, you won’t have to wait 10 years. Many such trees are available now in dwarf varieties that provide you fruit within 3-5 years.

Selecting the appropriate trees

Several factors determine which is the right tree for the right place. Roseville tree care experts with landscaping service ensure your tree’s health along with ensuring the tree compatibility with your hardiness zone. Other factors include-
  • Location- Before planting any tree it is necessary to know the size of your tree at maturity and the area of its roots beneath the surface to choose an appropriate space that can fit your tree when it reaches maturity. And it is important to avoid planting trees too near to your, or other houses, driveways, utility lines, and other structures that can get damaged.
  • Sun exposure- Ignoring the sun exposure can cause the tree to fade out on one side due to leaf scorching or cause it to die from not being able to photosynthesize properly. Therefore, this helps determine which side of your yard is the best or which tree is suitable.
  • Moisture- Always consider the amount of moisture your tree will get at your planting site. Make sure to plant it in an area with proper drainage.

Removing the old

When planning your new landscaped garden, it’s worth investing in whether the removal of some current trees will be of long-term benefit. Obviously, grand old Oak trees and beautiful Maple and Birch trees should stay, but anything non-native or which might clash with your new design is worth looking into. 

Removing Palm trees might be a good idea as they are out of vogue at the moment and if you are going for a traditional look they might clash with the rest of your landscape.

Final designing

  • Once you’ve completed the above steps, it’s time to finally design your landscape.
  • Trees and shrubs, when planted together, add texture and dimension to your landscape.
  • Inter-plant a variety of species to reduce the chance of pests and diseases.
  • Go for diversity as it is healthier for your trees, and builds spectacular designs.


Therefore, landscaping your gardens can become easy if you follow the given steps. Also, go for native species as they have better health and long life.