Buy Or Sell A Car

The internet allows us to do anything we want while comfortably sitting on our couch. Buying or selling a car is a big decision, and you need to give it a good time and energy to excel in the activity. Many websites offer a platform to both car buyers and sellers alike. ZeMotor is one of them.

The website should help users advertise their car or buy a car without much hassle. Thanks to ZeMotor’s user-friendly interface, you can smoothly navigate through the site and finish the process. If you are new to our site, follow these steps to either buy or sell a car.

To Buy A Car


The first step in buying or selling a car on ZeMotor is to register yourself with us. The registration is simple and quick. You will need to enter a username, an email, and a password. After that, an account activation link will be sent to the email you mentioned.

Your registration is complete after you click on the link. The registration process enables us to filter out any fraudsters or scammers online. You get the option to even sell your car or buy one without the need for registration. However, if you are a genuine seller or buyer, then we recommend you do so. By keeping an account with us, you can track your sales or buys and be updated on any activity on your ads.


For the login process, you just need to enter your username and password. After you log in, you can type the car you are looking for on the “search” box on the homepage.

Filter your search

Those who are still not sure of the car you want but have a budget in mind can filter out searches too. You can choose your maximum price, minimum price, and the location you want to check out your car in. You can choose to buy a car in your local neighbourhood to save shipping costs. However, looking outside your area may give you a better idea of the car’s pricing overall. You may even score a car deal outside your area.

You can even sort your used cars in Tucson list based on “relevance” – from low to high price or vice versa.

Begin the hunt

The bottom part of the homepage gives you a list of popular car brands that you can simply click and check out the cars. The car’s list will appear with the photo, the price, the model, the location of the car, and a short description of the car. You can click the car you are interested in, and the site will direct you to the seller’s site.

Once you go to the seller’s site, you can read more about the car in the description given. You can even read reviews on the car if there are any. The contact number of the seller will be mentioned on the side of the page. You can even email them if you are interested in the car. There is also a “report abuse” button if you feel that the car ad is misleading or suspect foul play.

To Sell A Car

If you want to sell your used car or even a new one, then ZeMotor is one of the best platforms for it. Follow the steps below.


The process is the same as mentioned above.

Sell it

Once you have logged in, you will see a “sell it” option on the top right corner of your screen. You can click on that to begin the process.

Create and post an ad

To create and post an ad on ZeMotor requires only three steps:

Upload images

Every user can upload a maximum of four photos of their car. Make sure that the pictures are clear and portray your car as it is in reality. A piece of important advice here is to click your car photos on a horizontal landscape from all sides. You can probably upload two photos of the exterior and two of the interior. You should upload a close-up picture if your car has any flaws such as dents or scratches. This will avoid bad surprises later on.

Write ad details

This section is divided into two parts- “Ad details” and “Contact information.” Under the “Ad details,” you need to mention your car’s title, the price you are quoting, and a description of the car. The description should stand true to your car. You can mention anything about the car in this section. You can even insert links or images in the description section to better explain the car.

Under the “contact info” section, mention your email, phone, zip code, and your street address. You can even opt if you want to show your address page or not.


The next step will show you a preview of what your ad will look like. You can even contact a poster (sample) of your ad. Just mention your email, name, phone number, and your question, and we will contact you.

Your car ad is now ready, and you simply need to click “Post Ad.”


ZeMotor is a trusted platform where you can buy or sell used or new cars. It gives you ample opportunity to search for the best car for you or sell your car to a diverse population. Thanks to ZeMotor, car selling or buying has never been easier!