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Even though we’re living in the most advanced society of all time, security is still a significant concern. With every terror attack or burglary, homes and offices feel less safe. To curb these real threats and provide people with a sense of security, leading security companies like MVPTech help thousands of private property owners access the latest security equipment in the world.

There’s no debate regarding the effectiveness of advanced surveillance systems in public and private spaces. Leading surveillance companies deploy highly-advanced physical and IT security systems to help a wide range of clients. The importance of keeping digital and physical assets has amplified with constant increases in cyber and real-life crime. Who needs security services the most? Most industries do. But, the industries that cannot do without efficient security systems are:
  • Government Buildings – Government buildings require the best on-field security and cybersecurity solutions to preserve vital data, critical assets, and, most importantly, the lives of top government authorities.
  • Real Estate Industry - Highly-advanced and automated security systems are the first things that home or office owners seek while purchasing properties. Top security companies keep these facilities secure from common threats like theft or intrusion.
  • The Energy Industry - Being the ‘√©lan vital’ of most economies worldwide, energy industries require the most sophisticated security systems.
  • Retail Spaces - Standard theft or even shoplifting can cost businesses significant portions of their yearly budgets. While the security systems in these public spaces aren’t as advanced as the complex security systems used in government buildings or in the energy sector, they’re still vital to maintaining public and business safety.

Other industries that require the most advanced security systems include – the banking sector, the hospitality industry, and public venues (stadiums, public parks, etc.)

Can Surveillance Systems Reduce Crimes in Office Spaces?

The effectiveness of surveillance systems was confirmed by a Rutgers study in 2009, which stated that the overall crime rate massively decreased in regions where some offices or homes had their own security systems. Even neighbouring offices or homes that didn’t have security systems benefited from this.

Countless video surveillance statistics prove that advanced surveillance systems reduce crime. In fact, the better the quality of the security systems, the more chances of catching perpetrators. Criminals only fear one thing - being caught and installing high-quality security systems (both digital and on-field) almost has a ‘halo effect’ in regions where crime rates are high. Criminals avoid targeting those regions altogether!

How Security Companies Protect Private Spaces

Industry leaders like MVPTech are known for initiating plenty of complex security missions for government bodies, the military, and the private sectors. These experts believe cybersecurity should be the primary concern for offices in ‘smart’ cities like Dubai. Modern-day office spaces have two locations – digital and physical. These offices and companies need to set up both electronic and actual borders. The pace at which some leading security companies are progressing in technological advancement may be too hard to grasp for many non-specialists. But, most security experts agree that reinforcing physical and cybersecurity is the only way companies can continue on their path of sustained progress.

How Leading Security Companies Help the Private Sector

Securing Valuables

Private retail spaces are full of precious items. Since most people are conscious, they don’t even think about picking up electronics or jewellery items from random retail stores or offices. However, the ones that do are highly calculated. Instances of coordinated shoplifting have been on the rise for the past three years. High-quality security systems send timely alarms to the office or store managers whenever a break-in attempt occurs.

Smart Access

Modern-day private companies view time as an essential resource. Hence, efficient security systems could be managed for the private sector. Thankfully, the latest surveillance systems are ‘smart’ and constantly connected to the internet. Security managers can oversee these systems from their mobile phones. Regular visitors are granted automatic passes as intelligent door locks, and surveillance systems identify their faces.

Insurance Benefits

Installing security systems helps private property owners drastically reduce their home insurance payments. Insurance companies prefer to work with property owners with installed the best security systems. Plus, many of these systems are wired to send signals to emergency responders if there’s a break-in attempt. So, these spaces are highly secure.

Must-Have Security Equipment

Some of the standard security system equipment that most private property owners have on their property include - 
  • Motion-detecting camera
  • Spotlight camera
  • Door and window sensors
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Equipment with smart integration and wireless monitoring capabilities
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
  • The latest cybersecurity software

The quality of their security services is the best in the world! The quality of their security services is the best in the world! Between 2011-15, the British Transport Police tested its surveillance system. They found that CCTV footage and other surveillance systems helped them quickly solve 29% of cases in that period. In 2020, MVPTech will have ten times more efficient access to surveillance and cybersecurity systems.