Group Video Game

When you have friends around or are planning an evening of entertainment during the holidays, it can be challenging to think of something that can cater to various tastes and ages. This is where video games help you out. Due to the number in circulation, as well as the variety of platforms, age ranges, and difficulty levels, you can indeed find something for everyone.

In instances where you have numerous people to please, they can also be used as a form of party game or even the main event of the meeting. Some genres may fare better in group environments because they are well-known, easy to play, or have dedicated, enjoyable multiplayer modes that rivals the primary single-player setting.

Racing Games

Racing games are available for the majority of ages, with a wide array of graphic styles. Some may prefer those that resemble cartoons, both in character style and track appearance, while others like games that look like real-life racetracks or events. You can also combine racing games with drinking games, which is especially popular at adult-orientated parties. You don’t even need to monitor how much you drink before getting behind the wheel of a pixelated vehicle; however, be wary that racing games are just that - games. Feel free to drink and have fun when playing video games with your friends, but don’t then think that you are invincible enough to drive home afterward - you may well want to get in touch with a Florida DUI lawyer if you do end up in a drunken collision. Sleep at your friend’s house or call a taxi!


Another game genre is the classic MMO. These allow you to play online with players you know, as well as hundreds of strangers across the country or even the the world. Typically, these are conducted via PC. However, console MMOs exist. Although some of these have been around for nearly a decade, they still retain a large player base, meaning even new players can enjoy them. Inviting your friends around with their laptops and having an online gaming party can be a delightful evening for individuals who like this genre.

Musical Games

Whether you are a singer or a dancer, games are available for you. You might want a killer karaoke session with your buddies in the living room, or your child may wish to a mini dance competition with their school friends. You can get games and accessories, such as USB microphones or dance mats that plug into your console, and then rock the day away. While these games are great to play with others, they also have single-player modes available to you, meaning you can get some practice before your guests arrive.

While playing video games sometimes used to be seen as an antisocial activity, it is clear that these games can bring people together and create a fun environment for all. When playing online games, it is essential to be mindful of other players and to ensure you remain safe and polite.