It’s interesting to note that irregular working schedules have been linked to an increased rate of stress in affected individuals. This is likely due to the uncertainty of work hours as opposed to the hours worked. After all, it is not the case for workers doing split shifts as they still have a regular and predictable income.

How Irregular Work Schedules Appear

There are cases where there is no other option, such as with emergency response personnel. But, in general, irregular work schedules are a result of irregular workloads. This is surprisingly common in business.

Consider the toy manufacturer that has a steady turnover throughout the year and then need to produce three times more than normal at Christmas. They need staff to work extra hours and they’ll want to bring in extra help. 

This is when the problems arise and why more and more firms are looking to labor hire as a viable alternative.

·         Staff Availability

The first issue revolves around staff availability. When demand goes up you need your staff to produce more items. This generally means taking on extra staff. However, if you’ve been keeping staff on irregular work schedules or zero-hour contracts, they may have found other work. The result is that you’re missing staff when you need them the most.

You can’t just employ the first people you see, you’ll need to ensure they are properly trained. This takes time and money.

·         Productivity

Another common issue is productivity levels. Casual staff may not be committed to your business in the same way that permanent staff are. This means they are less likely to be as productive as your current staff.

The result is a need to hire more staff to cover the reduced rate of productivity. This increases costs and potentially reduces morale when you need it to be at its highest.

You’ll also have to instigate additional quality control measures to ensure your standards are maintained.

Dealing With The Consequences

Fortunately, you can take steps to minimize the issues associated with irregular hours. This reduces the stress on your permanent workforce. That will boost morale and encourage more loyalty, which actually improves productivity.

The key is to use labor hire personnel instead of hiring staff. This type of employee can be used just when you need them and they are fully vetted by the agency supplying the staff. They’ll need minimal training and can be used every time you have a supply chain increase or issue. Best of all, they don’t need to be hired and fired in the traditional way as they remain the employee of the agency.

This saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on delivering your product while keeping all your staff members happy. Despite the higher pay rate for these employees, it can also save you money.

Of course, this also provides a pool of workers that can be offered permanent contracts in the future if you decide they are right for your business, and you need additional help.