Online reviews are word-of-mouth marketing. It’s increasingly valuable in the world of digital. Consumers rely on online reviews as proof of quality when looking for products and services.

Leads can and do judge your business and what you offer based on your online reputation.  According to Podium, around 93% of consumers said that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.

Taking care of your online reputation is vital for your business success. With ReviewLead, we can help you increase your positive reviews from your actual customers which can also increase your sales!

Importance of positive online reviews for boosting sales

Online reviews are the social proof that your business provides good quality product or service which strengthens your reputation.

When you have positive online reviews on different review sites, you can rank higher in the search engine. This leads to more exposure that can help your business be seen as an authority in your industry.

If you’re seen as an established business in your industry, more people will naturally buy from you. But without good online reviews, you risk losing your leads to competitors whether you have better offers or not.

Get more positive online reviews

Your customers are your greatest marketing asset. Getting a positive review from them can help your business grow.

Don’t know how to boost positive online reviews yet? ReviewLead can help you with that. We are an all-in-one online management service that can help businesses maintain a good online reputation without demanding your time.

Here are some tips that businesses should know to get good online reviews:

Send a review request to your customers at the right time

Asking for reviews is one of the simplest yet most overlooked ways of getting reviews. Most customers will agree to leave a review if you just ask them.

ReviewLead can help you by sending requests to your contacts that are pre-approved by you. We add links to the review site because brands increase in their average rating when they send a direct link of where their consumers should leave their review. It's best to do this step after your customer has received the purchase or you can see that they are referring your products to others. This means they excited and happy at this point.

Don't be afraid to ask again

Sending another request for reviews to your clients can get them to review your business. Sometimes they just need a reminder to do it.

ReviewLead can help you send requests over time without being annoying to your customers. We have a sophisticated email drip which sends a gentle reminder to clients who have not left a review for your business yet. This way, you won’t disturb your other contacts at all.

Respond to your online reviews

If your friend promoted your business online, you'd say thanks, right? That's the same for customers leaving a review for your business.

Customers don't just have a relationship with what you're offering them, they have a relationship with your entire business. Replying to reviews makes your customer service look great to your clients and leads since it shows how much you appreciate their effort in leaving a review.

With ReviewLead, you can easily respond to your customer quickly. We monitor online reviews in real-time on third-party review sites and send you an instant alert when new reviews are published. Our alerts include the response link so you can promptly reply to your customers and increase engagement.

Resolve issues internally

Aside from replying to reviews, you also need to resolve issues promptly. This can help you improve your sales since people will know that you listen, empathize, and are ready to solve their pain points when they purchase or interact with your business.

ReviewLead can also catch bad reviews before it's published online so you can directly solve your customer’s concerns.

Here's how we do it: We send a different set of links to customers with good experience and the ones that have some issues. The people who had a bad experience are directed to a form where they can write their concerns which your business can work on internally. Doing this may also increase your chance of having a repeat customer since you are taking the time to hear their concerns.

Educate your clients on how to leave a review

Since reviews are important to businesses today, take the time and help your customers write one for you. It shouldn't be hard because ReviewLead can guide them.

We give your clients who want to leave a review of a step-by-step process for any review sites of your choice. This makes the customer experience satisfying from start to end of their interaction with your business.

Get positive online reviews today

Don't delay gaining a good business reputation online. It's essential to businesses, so invest in good online management.

ReviewLead will take care of your online reputation as if it’s our own. You still remain in control, but we handle all the hard work so you don't have to spend time learning the ins and outs of online review management.