Hampshire Lake Region

The New Hampshire Lake region is truly a place of serenity and tranquil. Its natural beauty and fun activities for everyone throughout the year fill visitors with fun and frolic. If you are also planning to visit there, below are a few things you can’t afford to miss-

Visit The Lake Winnipesaukee On The M/S Mount Washington

The M/S Mount of Washington is a great tourist attraction, just like the Circle Line Tour of Manhattan. And, visiting this place is something every traveler should add to their list bucket list. The ship can carry 1250 passengers at a time and piles 21 miles long Lake Winnipesaukee. Most visitors prefer daylight cruise in the foliage and sunset cruise in the summer.

Explore Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

It is a habitat for injured or orphaned animals where you can encounter owls, fox, mountain lions, and other native animals. Wandering on a ¾ mile outdoor trail will let you see a plethora of creatures. In addition, there are many signages to educate adults and kids, a playground to rival the kids’ section of Bronx Zoo, and Kirkwood Gardens’ garden & craft center.

Another fun way to learn about the beautiful Squam lake is the lake cruise with the Natural Science Center. It will let you get close to the amazing wildlife of the area. So, book your stay in the best hotel in Squam Lake and enjoy the fun to the fullest. Don’t forget the private boat trips or sailboat rentals.

Learn About The Lovely Loons At The Loon Center

Loon, with polka-dotted black and white body and red eyes, is more art than an animal. Loons are beautiful birds that carry chicks on their backs and are endangered species in New Hampshire.

However, you can do something on your part to save them. Increasing pollution and recreation are the main reasons for the declining loon population. Thus, the loon center offers non-lead, loon-safe fishing tackle to the visitors for free.

Visit The Castle In The Clouds

Take a trolley at the Carriage House that takes you to the mansion. This historic mansion with the medieval style walls impresses visitors of all ages. Take a tour through the mansion and explore the old furniture and appliances. After enjoying this, enjoy the 29 miles hiking trail that passes by the waterfalls. Don’t forget to pick up some ice creams before you return to the vacation rental.

Enjoy Paddle Boarding, Swimming, and Canoeing

If swimming, paddle boarding, or canoeing is your cup of tea, Squam Lake is the best vacation spot for you. With plenty of coves and islands to explore, it is the best place to paddle-board in New Hampshire. Furthermore, if you want to see every nook and corner of the Squam lake, plan a day out on a canoe or kayak.

Visit The Arts & Craft Home At The Castle In Clouds

Located high on a hill, this mountaintop home offers stunning views. While this castle was open to visitors since 1965, it was taken over by the authorities in 2006 to revamp the place to its original glory. If you love art and craft, architecture, you will find profound beauty in this place. There is decorative wood flooring, glass skylight, and outlets for a VAC system. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Secret Room’ in the graceful living room.

While there are many other things to do in New Hampshire, these are some of the important things you should add to your list.