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One of the most important parts of your home today is the garage. The garage spaces have outlived and evolved from the conventional stereotypes of cars. A modern garage today not only houses and protects the car, but it also is home to a wide range of utilities required for maintenance and upkeep.

The garage houses, tools, and commodities often function as essential storage units for other miscellaneous stuff inhabiting your households. The contemporary garage, with its evolution, has also evolved in terms of its operation. From manual outlets to contemporary automated remote access ones, the garage has truly seen it all.

However, despite the multiple changes concerning broader aesthetics, the garage door's spring system has seldom been noticed. The contemporary sophistication of the modern spring system in the garage door is perhaps one of the few reasons that ensure its absolute safety.

Garage door springs are valuable in the movement of the garage doorways. The tension and the weight of the garage door on these springs hold upon its movement. These springs bear the weight on the coil tension when garage doors are closed shut. One key point to note is getting a professional (e.g. Lewis River Doors) to handle the installation for you, as this helps ensure you'll have a secure door for your garage.

Principally there are two types of garage springs, i.e., Extension Springs and Torsion Springs. Torsion springs are operated using such wounded-up springs. Extension springs, on the other hand, use a system consisting of cables and pulleys. With gradual use over time, garage door springs begin to depreciate in performance and utility and give rise to the need for repairs.

Are you also fearful and sceptical to replace the garage door springs, is it dangerous? When you need to replace these springs, the assessment is quite evident from how they function in keeping the system open and shut. Thus, you must be very cautious in selecting and maintaining these springs. This is primarily why the following reasons should be well known to you -

Types of Springs

It is important to know the different types of spring that are existing in the market. There are primarily two types of springs – Extension and Torsion springs. These types of springs have extremely different types of mechanisms.

While one uses a pulley system, the other utilizes a wounded spring system. The type of usage that you prefer will determine the type of spring you must go for. Incorrect usage or choosing the wrong type of spring system can cause an undue amount of tension on the coil. This could result in depreciating usage and degrading wear and tear.

Where Can You Source Your Replacement Springs

These days there are multiple options to source the replacements. These options include online as well as many e-commerce stores. The type of springs you want also impacts the type of sourcing requirements. Most online stores these days can supply any parts or components of the system itself. To replace the same, you might need to identify what sort of components you require.

Additionally, you might have to reconsider the system to understand whether the entire spring system needs an overhaul or specific parts or components. The different supply chains of these stores is also an important consideration before buying.

Usually, it is advisable to speak or contact personnel from the store and obtain the necessary details before placing the order.

Caution and Care

It is also important to understand that these are extremely tacky and tough systems. Therefore one should refrain from any callous or negligent indulgences. The system must always be installed with supervision and under the careful eye of the professional.

However, DIYers are advised to go through the instructions and suggestions of the manual properly. The system is also fragile, and proper knowledge is important before indulging in self-repair or replacement.

Caution and care must be exercised while handling the different parts and components of the mechanism. Due care and caution must be exercised during the installation and the assembly of the system and its peripherals.

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Spring Adjustments

The springs and the recoil mechanism need many adjustments based on the usage and various other factors. How you intend to use it and how often you would use it will determine the cable and pulley's recoil adjustments. Another important factor is the type of spring that you want for your garage doors.

Accordingly, you would have to tighten or loosen the cable and the springs to ensure adequate room for the cables to bear the tension. Improper assessment can lead to excessive tension on the cables causing them to break. It will also cause the entire weight of the garage door to the weak systems.

It can also be one of the reasons for the system to malfunction. Thus, spring adjustments have to be spot on and take into account the period of overuse. The various adjustments would ultimately have an impact on the durability and usage of the spring.


Costs are another important factor in the assessment of springs and how or when to purchase them. DO you want to end up more than you should have? Are you Paying the right price for the springs? Is the spring system you just bought fit for your garage? These are some of the primary questions that might need deeper insight.

How much you pay will be a direct consequence of your research and careful analysis of the options at hand. This would also mean that the costs are also a direct consequence of the type of garage door spring system and usage.


In today's day and age, there can be no shortcuts to the research and evaluation process. This is one of the few conditions that save you from any damages in the future. As is the case with any commodity, due research on the various factors concerning the spring system for garage doors is important.

Additionally, it may be worthwhile to determine what factors influence and impact the garage doors and purchase accordingly. The abovementioned list is neither complete nor exhaustive, and many other factors require your attention apart from the ones mentioned here. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to take the necessary precautions before making any hasty purchases.

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