For every lawn owner, this becomes a headache. During the mowing seasons when you are done mowing your lawn, you keep scratching your head wondering where to dump grass clippings?

Well, you are not alone. Lots of people have the same problem. So, in this article, I will talk about where you can dump such clippings without any hassle. Stay tight!

Potential Options To Dump Grass Clippings

Before you start getting rid of them, do you know you can use your lawn clippings for the betterment of your own lawn? Yes, it’s not surprising at all. So, think about that too.

Here are 6 options to get rid of your lawn clippings:

1. Leave Them On The Lawn

This is the easiest approach and very use ful for your lawn. Leaving such grass clippings on the lawn will result in organic fertilizer and provide value to the lawn grass. But you need to keep some things in your mind while you do so.

The height of such grass clippings should not be more than 1 inch. Also, you should not leave any wet grass clippings on the lawn. And that’s all you need to ensure.

2. Mulching

Grass clippings for mulching is still a good idea. That way you can keep the soil temperature okay and prevent weeds growth. You can keep mulch around your vegetable garden and trees too.

Mulching around your garden helps tremendously to keep moisture in the soil and you will be needing less watering too. 

However, avoid using grass clippings for mulching if you have recently used any herbicide. Also, use only dry clippings for that purpose to avoid negative results. 

3. Protect Your Plants in Containers!

Your plants in the containers are the most vulnerable when it comes to summer. The excessive heat will make the plants hard to live. The scorching heat also heats up the containers itself to make the situation worse.

That’s where the grass clippings come in. They can be the life support for your plant in the containers. As they help to retain moisture, keep a thick layer of such clippings in the containers. Your plants won’t suffer anymore!

4. Send To Local Recycling Center

If you don’t see any real usages of your grass clippings, you can always send them to your local recycling center. In fact, this is what a good citizen does. What usually happens is that there will be a pre-set date to collect all the garbage. You should mow keeping those dates in mind. 

5. Make Liquid Fertilizer

A lot of people buy organic liquid fertilizer from the store to feed their lawns. It makes sense since it works great! But you can take the advantage of such grass clippings to make your very own liquid fertilizer for free!

All you need is a bucket full of water and a handful of freshly cut grass. More so, you can keep the mosquitoes away if you keep the water inside. Let it sit for 2 weeks and yes it will smell terrible. So, take precautions!

But, next time you water your lawn, mix some of this and I am 100% sure your plants will love this so much.

6. Send Them To Local Gardening Business

There is a huge demand for compost for gardening. So, your local gardening business will be happy to help you remove your grass clippings from your lawn on their own. Just call them and wait for their response.

7. Livestock Feed

These are the freshly cut grass and your cows or other livestock animals will love to eat them. In fact, all herbivorous love to eat such grass. Your cattle will get all the necessary nutrition from eating the grass clippings. 

However, you have to make sure they are hand-push or electric mower cut. And do not let the clippings wet before you serve them to the cattle. Wet clippings may make your cattle sick.


As you can see, you no longer should be wondering where to dump your grass clippings. There are plenty of usages. But a serious gardener or lawn owner does not just throw them away. 

So, I showed you multiple usages of them too. If you love my ideas, spread the love by sharing this article!