You’ve reached a point where what used to be a nice distraction seems to control more of your life than you like. Before things can get worse, it's worth thinking about entering a Phoenix rehab center and getting things back on track. What would it be like to enter this type of program? Here are some perspectives based on what others have experienced during their time in rehab.

The Initial Sense of Being Out of Place

At first, everything is unfamiliar and possibly a little intimidating. It’s not like anything you can remember from years past. There are rules about when to eat, when to go to sleep, and all those meetings and treatments with medical professionals. That takes some time to get used to.

The thing is that the sense of being out of place will go away. Little by little, you get used to the routine and may even begin to look forward to some of what each day brings. This is especially true as you start to feel the desires for your substance of choice weakening.

But Also Happy to Be There

Even while things still seem unfamiliar, they’re better than where you were before. In this place, there are people who have a vested interest in your well being. They’re rooting for you to get your life back.

Being in that type of supportive setting is likely to inspire hope that you haven’t felt in some time. With that hope comes a feeling of being happy to be where you are right this minute. Instead of being unfamiliar and intimidating, it begins to feel welcoming and safe.

Getting to Know the Medical Team

You will get to know the medical team as your stay progresses. Some of them will become confidants in terms of exploring what led to the substance abuse and how those issues can be resolved. Others will focus on your physical state and help you begin to undo the damage done by the abuse.

As you spend more time around the staff, you’ll begin to trust them. Seeing them will be one of the things that you look forward to every day. Even on those days when things aren’t going well and they seem to be asking more than you can give, there’s still the desire to be around them and engage. That’s a sign that the rehab is making a difference.

And to Engage With the Other Patients

You’ll make connections with some of the other patients. Just as in any social setting, some of those connections will lead to friendships while others are more along the lines of acquaintances.

Just as your time with the medical staff becomes a normal part of the day, interacting with the other patients will often be something you look forward to. Forging those types of connections is one more sign that you’re on the right road.

The Highs and Lows

Rehab is not one of those situations that always moves forward. There will be days when you feel great about what’s happening. Other days will be difficult and filled with doubt. Expect them to come at times when you least expect them. Know that they are part of the process of learning how to live without substance abuse in your life.

Over time the highs will begin to offset the lows. While you may still have a had hour, morning, or day now and then, they will become the exception rather than the rule. Once you realize that, it’s a little easier to keep going on days that aren’t that great.

And The Thrill of Slowly Getting Your Life Back

The nature of your treatment will change as you make progress. As this happens, don’t be surprised if you begin to feel more confident again. It will come slowly at first, and then begin to happen more often as you move further away from your old life. By the time you’re ready to go home, you will feel as if you can live a life that’s much better than what you knew before.

If you’re ready to make a change, call today and speak with a counselor. Once you know more about what to expect, your decision will be easier.