Living in a world of technology and social media is sure we all must have heard about rigid inflatable boats. If not, we must have seen it from on the news channels how the rescue teams save people in floods through these boats. Let's try to discuss in detail about all the special features, advantages and disadvantages and what makes it unique from other boats in this article. Clic here and get detailed info at

Features of the inflatable boats:

● Move faster

● Flexible in any water

● Comfortable and stable

● High maneuverability

● Multi Roles

● Special Construction

And much more, but let's get to the main one, which is construction. Do you know the main material on which the boats rely upon? Yes, it is the fabric because these boats don't have much of a frame as they have to depend upon the fabric to carry loads.

Hypalon is the fabric that they use to make RIBs as it is a material with an excellent ability to hold air, and it is oil resistant. These fabrics can cross the worse harsh weather conditions and last for years or maybe decades. Have you ever heard of oil spills? If yes, then don't worry because these boats are made up of Hypalon fabrics, which are not affected by any such type of chemicals. What if the fabric gets damaged or expired? Don't worry; it can be easily repaired by just applying the patch on the field. But there is an opposite scenario in other fabrics like PVC as they are not long durable and harder to get repaired.

Polyurethane is another material that is easy to glue and connects the base of the fabric. Not only this, but it also adds strength to the product and increases the surface appearance.

Top three advantages of inflatable boats

1. Flexibility

It can be folded and carried in the car.

If you are a traveler, then what is more important than your safety?

2. Underweight

Due to their lightweights, because they are constructed through flexible tubes, it makes them fast to assemble. Their decreased weight made them faster in whatever direction you turn.

3. Safer

If you have a small family or even for yourself, safely comes at the top when you are planning for anything. Its structure and construction can ensure you a safe boat ride. It is that much safer than it is used by military officers, rescue teams, and even recreational now. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it.


 Disadvantages of inflatable boats

As everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, they have their own.

I know you are considering the disadvantages first because normally not everyone mentions them but here, let's get to it.

● It is expensive.

● the flooring decomposes process is complicated and does not work well in cold weather conditions.

● You should not jump onto the boat directly.

● You should often check the pressure of the balloons. If it gets low, then please don't take any risks; just get off to the shore.

● If you have kept the boat stored folded for a really long time, then it is suggested to please refold it once in three or four months so that the places of the bend can be changed.

● You cannot leave the boat under sun rays for a long time.

● If you are taking it for fishing, be careful with the hooks.

● The boat shouldn't be exposed to oil, kerosene, or any other chemical substances, which will result in damaging its outer surface, costing you heavy.

● The process of assembling and disassembling is way more complicated because the boat gets twice bigger when it is folded.

 Conclusion: No doubt that the structure of the inflatable boats has been changed many times until they developed as the best ones. The structure of these boats depends upon the construction material which is being used. So let's come to the construction, which includes tubes, rigid hull bottom, fabrics (PVC/HYPALON), and many more.