IPL is one of the most-watched shows of Cricket which has become very popular in most of the country. We all know, IPL produces new champions every year, brings new talents on the sports ground and writes new history in the book of Cricket. That’s why internet or sports sites are exploded with Latest Cricket IPL News Live where they can easily hook the audience.

When one season comes to its end, fans start looking up for the next upcoming season. This is mainly because of another season excitement, passion and exceptional Cricket of the Indian Premier League. If we talk about cricket fans, there are many, and this is also one of the reasons why IPL succeeds every year by giving cricket lovers something new to look forward in every season. IPL is becoming much more than just another cricket tournament for many people. It becomes a part of their lives without which they feel empty. The joy of watching your favourite team players with a group of friends is incomparable. IPL is filled with the best possible entertainment for all the fans.

4 Reasons: Why it is so popular?

Attracts Audience:

Many audiences in IPL, including women and kids, automatically increase the number of viewers. There are celebrities who bring a large part of the audience and fans. The advertisements of IPL is done in huge amounts, the presence of old cricketers altogether gather a large audience. From time to time they pass latest Cricket IPL news live to the audience and entertain them with their own opinions and examples. On the other hand, it is not just about cricket; it’s also about being in the limelight of the audience. Many famous Bollywood celebrities and big businessman investing money on the teams also capture lots of attention of media and audience.

People of India are crazy about Cricket and behind this cultural force that broadcasted through TV sets, radios and cricket grounds removing all the competing elements of entertainment coming in its way. So many people tune in to watch when a match of real national significance smashes through TV.

Priceless Sporting Brand:

IPL is one the priceless sporting brand which is in the list of top sporting leagues of the world. It has gained this position and popularity with respect to media rights, branding, marketing rights and above all, viewership. There is nothing that can fade the popularity of IPL. Instead, this form of cricket is also encouraging other sporting leagues in the country. In addition to that, it is mostly hosted in India, the country that has most crickets following in the world. So, a large unit is put in telecasting. From world-class players to Bollywood, everything adds into the money, like a multiplying machine. If you consider other leagues, there aren’t much money, players and viewers.

Betting on Teams:

As soon as IPL starts, people start putting their bet on their favourite team to win. This betting attracts a lot of people due to its promise of a chance to make a good amount of money with negligible effort. However, the return is not guaranteed, but the risk of getting a good sum of money while enjoying your favourite match becomes worth it. It is easily accessible, as players can go online, and start placing wagers on cricket matches through online bookmakers that accept betting enthusiasts from the country. It runs for almost two months and gives ample opportunities for the cricket fans to bid in the league. Also, world-class international players from around the world come together on a ground which gives more variety to the people to bet for the right player.

Film Stars and Cricket legends under one roof: 

Indian Premier League has a strong connection with the film stars and biggest industries that have added to its popularity to the next level. Due to this, everyone has something for themselves in IPL. Now, the TV broadcasters are also looking to pay any amount to get rights amount of spotlight by being a part of the mega League. The Indian Premier League has its share of splendour and glamour that keeps the attention of a potential viewer intact. Furthermore, IPL has increased its path by including players who have retired from test crickets and world cups playing in the teams of IPL. This gives a Fan a chance to watch their favourite players in the fields one more time. This is the platform where players who come from small towns, getting a platform or opportunity to showcase their talents, plus sharing their grounds with the best of players. For instance, Ravindra Jadeja, K L Rahul and Hardik Pandya are some of the players who get worldwide recognition for their performances in IPL. Those performances have transcended them into the national squad of the Indian team.